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It’s story started in 2007, a few months before Igor Tracz’s first European Championships, he designed and manufactured the prototype which he rode to win the gold medal and his first title of the fastest competitor in Europe. This first model was called Ozzi. Competitors from all over the world have gained their experience and high scores on this equipment for many years. It is Traczer’s most popular equipment and it is often the case that during championships 9 out of 10 rigs among the runners up are Traczer models.

Over time Ozzi has evolved to a lighter and more manoeuvrable Zośka and now it is Traczer’s top model for 3-4 harnessed dogs. The structure is light, the frame weighs only 4.5 kg and is made of aluminium, rear wheels are 20″and the front ones range from 26″ to 27.5″.

2 Models available, Speed and Lead.


Aluminium handlebar

Aluminium stem

Aluminium fork

Basic hydraulic brakes

27.5” Front Wheel

20” Rear Wheels

Weight: up to 13 kg


Carbon handlebar

Ultralight aluminium stem

Carbon fork

High-level hydraulic brakes

27,5” Light Tubeless Front Wheel

20″ Light Rear Wheels

Weight: up to 11 kg

Foot brake available as an optional extra (+4 kg)

Front shock (+ more than 2 kg) or lightweight shock (+ less than 1 kg) available as an optional extra.

Some components on the higher models are available as optional extras on the lower models, please see details below and let us know if this is something you are interested in.

Carbon handlebar £55 Included
Aluminium handlebar Included Not available
Ultralight aluminium stem £55 Included
Aluminium stem Included Not available
Aluminium fork Included Not available
Carbon fork £260 Included
Shock-absorber (+ above 2 kg) £285 Not available
Light shock-absorber (+ up to 1 kg) £665 £475
High-level hydraulic brakes £140 Included
Basic hydraulic brakes Included Not available
27,5” Light Tubeless Front Wheel £95 Included
20″ Light Rear Wheels £95 Included
27,5” Front Wheels Included Not available
20″ Rear Wheels Included Not available

All frames are handmade in Poland and Traczer oversee every single step in the

production process. Because of this they are able to offer you a few customisation options of their standard products. If required they can prepare fat-tyre versions of their carts.

Please, contact us If you are interested in some changes in product that you want to order.


Please note there will be a customs charge payable once this item enters the UK. The courier will contact you to take payment prior to delivery

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