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Our newest release is our Y harness! This is ideal for both beginners and experienced dogs. This is a webbing based short harness with a Y shape which allows better shoulder movement and freer breathing for dogs who like to be out front but aren’t strong pullers.


The harness works well for dogs who tend to crab (pull sideways) and should help straighten them out.

The harness only reaches about 1/3 down the dog’s body, which takes away any pressure on the dog’s hips while pulling. This makes it an excellent choice for any dog with lower back problems.

This type of harness is very popular as a walking harness as it stops your dog from choking when they pull, it would also work well as a car safety harness.

  • Suitable for Canicross, Bikejor, Scooter, Mantrailing & Hiking
  • Good for ‘crabbing’ dogs
  • Adjustable chest
  • Available in our popular 5 colours- Teal, Neon Orange, Lime Green, Purple and Pink
  • Sizes Y2-Y7
Y2 32-36cm 40-70cm
Y3 35-40cm 50-80cm
Y4 40-47cm 55-90cm
Y5 46-51cm 60-94cm
Y6 51-57cm 65-105cm
Y7 57-63cm 70-115cm

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Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6, Y7


Teal, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Pink, Purple

4 reviews for Sporty Paws Y Harness

  1. Pippa Woodward-Smith (verified owner)

    The perfect Y shaped harness!! I have tried a lot of different brands of harness and this is the best I’ve tried – so lightweight with lovely padding, great neck shape and good elbow clearance! Love the colours too!

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    Amazing harness! Ivy my working cocker wears a size Y3 and it fits her perfectly, the harness is light weight and soft so super comfortable for the dog! All round great harness at such an affordable price!

  3. Louise (verified owner)

    We absolutely love it the new Y harness, I measured gabby appropriately and the adjustable clips around the chest are a bonus. It’s sits nicely and we’ve ran with it a few times and it caused no rubbing or chaffing. Really impressed with quality and affordable price, it’s versatility means it can easily be side day to day and hiking 💓

  4. Anna

    Perfect harness for those walks where you’re clipping them on and off- the big canicross harness-style loop on the back makes it super easy to grab!

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