Sporty Shorty Harness

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We are proud to introduce our Sporty Paws short harness. This is designed for a range of activities including Canicross, Mantrailing, Hiking, Walking and light Bikejor or Scootering.

The harness features the following:

  • V shaped neck to allow for more comfortable pulling
  • Grab handle for control
  • Reflective elements
  • Adjustable chest
  • Available in a range of 7 sizes with custom size available
  • Choice of 7 colours
  • Have your dogs name embroidered onto the harness for £9.99 extra!

Harness Size Calculator

Based on the above measurements, you should select the size.


Please note that embroidered harnesses are not exchangeable or refundable and take 4 weeks to be made.

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S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9


Neon Yellow, Teal, Black, Lime Green, Neon Orange, Pink, Purple

20 reviews for Sporty Shorty Harness

  1. Emma

    Really happy with the Sporty Shorty. It’s really strudy and stays in place well whilst at the same time allowing for freedom of movement and comfort. The handle is a great addition for control/helping my dog over styles etc when necessary too. Super quick delivery, arrived in time for our holiday! We did 25 miles over a couple of days in Northumberland and it was spot on, no issues with it at all.

  2. Anna

    What canni say its a fabulous harness i tried it on three of my dogs today. Plenty of adjustments easy to measure for sizing.
    Love the omg handle needed with one specially by traffic😉 . There is an orange which goes perfect with my black and white border collie. Oh and team colours.
    Its sturdy giving me confidence with it. Brilliant piece of kit.

  3. Sarah

    First run in his Sporty Shorty this morning & Red ran amazing! No rasping & it didn’t shift when he wasn’t pulling, like some harnesses we’ve tried. As Red is also reactive, the handle is ideal, just in case I need to hold him close or for helping him over awkward stiles!
    Arrived quickly & plenty of room for adjustment to get the perfect fit.
    Love the purple colour & would definitely recommend it for canicross or hiking 🤩

  4. Alison Menhinick (verified owner)

    Loving this harness! Went for a Cani-hike with my labs and the harnesses stayed in place on their backs whether they were pulling out in front or walking/running in beside me. My boys like to go in the water and the harness coped well and didn’t seem to collect mud which is always a bonus!
    Great value for a great harness!

  5. Stewart Crofts

    I love how well this harness fits my mixed breed. And the bright colour makes it perfect for running at dusk, it is really visible and stands out. There is no rubbing and the harness sits lovely and flush against my dogs skin. The design is smart and tidy and the harness feels really well made and sturdy. My dog pulls reasonably hard and there was no rasping sounds whatsoever, a brilliant fit. Highly recommended.

  6. Ashleigh

    We were given the pleasure of trying the sporty shorty when it came out and what a super little harness it is. My girl is quite petite and fits her nice and snug. I also think the thicker breast peice will fit the wider chested dogs nicely (alot get armpit wedgie) Super harness to fit a variety of dogs 🐕 Great selection of colours too 😁

  7. Ebony Judge

    Great piece of kit especially for those big barrel chest breeds! Fits my dobe brilliant. The handle is so handy for grabbing to pass other dogs/people. Definitely worth the investment!

  8. Kathryn Jones

    I can absolutely recommend Sporty Paws. I’ve been using their Sporty Shorty harness with my difficult to fit German Shepherd X who is very tiny but thickset.

    It’s incredibly well made, the dispatch was instant and it was here next day.

    I also love the colour choice. Its nice to have a big range of choice.

    The sizing was clear and easy to measure. I’m looking forward to really putting it through its paces mantrailing.

    So far it’s been brilliant on our trailing sessions, as it’s comfortable for her to wear.


  9. Pippa Allatt-Wish

    Love this harness – fits my girl really well – she can pull hard into it and doesn’t gasp or have any limited movement 🙂 it’s sits well and doesn’t move either – even when Storm rolls the dirt it comes back still in place 🙂
    Love the handle for quick squirrel grabbing and it comes in PURPLE!!!

  10. JDB

    Our business is exercising dogs in harness, both Canicross and walking. This is an excellent harness and a very good rival to the Zero DC short which we have been using on many dogs for years. Build quality is excellent, harness feels very sturdy and is very stable on the dog. It’s doesnt move around or sag when it gets wet. It’s sits very nicely around the chest with no restriction of movement whatsoever and definately no chafing under the dogs pits.
    Dogs are more than happy to wear it, so it must be very comfortable. Adjustment is quick and easy if required, and the grab handle is great for holding Fido back at the roadside or at the start of the race.
    Given the price difference between this and the ever popular Zero DC, this would be our go to harness and the one we would recommend.

  11. Nicole (verified owner)

    Wonderful harness! The material is nice and padded and soft to touch whilst being strong. My dogs are naturally strong pullers and they seem comfy doing so in these harnesses. I’d say they pull better. The colours are really striking too. Love the orange and teal. They are easy to get on and off. I’ve one dog with a large head so it is a little of a wriggle to get over his collar, but the soft material makes this easier. Really pleased with these. I also noticed that they dry quickly and any mud comes off easily. I’ve not needed to actually clean them yet, just a wipe if needed is fine!

  12. Tracey Smith

    Our boy doesn’t pull when canicrossing (unless squirrels are involved 🙄) so we opted for the short harness. We chose the bright orange to contrast with his black coat.
    Fitting the harness to him was easy, with adjustable straps on the sides of it. The clips are strong and robust, locking into place with a good sounding ‘snap’.
    The material of the harness feels durable, great for us as we use the same one for walking as well as canicrossing.
    We have found that the harness has stayed in place when being used instead of slipping to the side as some do. We also love the little handle on the top, great for steadying at the start of a race or when out on a walk

  13. Richard Shawcross (verified owner)

    In short(y) we love it.

    Gus prefers a shorter style harness and has a Perfect Fit as his daily harness. It was clear to see he was immediately comfortable, happy to pull the scooter and didn’t give the Sporty Shorty a second thought. An added bonus will be not having to remove it when I let him off for his free play at the end of our runs or scooter sessions. We have tried other harnesses including the Non-Stop Freemotion but he is just not so keen on the long ones unless really pulling. Other short harness such as the Zero DC short feel a little expensive touching the £50 mark so it is nice to have a well thought out and made option a little cheaper.

    The harness is well made with everything you need and nothing you don’t. The handle is great for emergency grab and it is nice to have a range of bright colours. The reflective strips are a nice touch for darker nights. All in all this is a nice harness at a good price and I can’t wait to pair it with the matching lines and harness when they become available.

  14. Lauren williams

    3rd time buying from Sporty Paws for my rescue Labrador.
    I first messaged via Instagram and asked for advice for the right harness and sizing for my pup. They got back to me instantly with their suggestions and I decided on the sporty shorty in Teal.
    My boy is in between sizes so they sent me both to try and I then sent the unwanted one back to them.
    Amazing service, can’t fault it.

    Really pleased with the quality, shape and especially love the colour choices (&price of course🤪). It’s clear Sporty Paws have listened to their customers and considered all the things that are often amiss with other similar products.
    Will definitely be getting the matching belt and line next!

  15. Mrs H

    Finally a short harness that is sturdy, easy to adjust and easy to fit! This harness has a lovely shaped next, which makes it great for hiking with your dog. It is adjustable and doesn’t have faffy clips. The colours are also awesome! Normally harnesses only seem to come in black, blue and red. But I love the colour range of these, the purple and teal are just gorgeous. The padding is soft enough to provide comfort but it is not bulky. All in all a solid 10/10 and at a great price point too. Highly recommended.

  16. Laura

    Great little all-rounder harness good for cani-hiking or canicrossing – especially for dogs that aren’t big, strong pullers all the time. Nicely padded, robust and the grab handle is a nice touch for those times when you might need to get a closer grip on your dog. The purple colour I chose matches nicely with the other purple Sporty Paws lines and belts.

  17. Tracey Smith

    We have the shorty harness for a beagle x. Due to the short design of the harness found it fits nicely round his barrel which can be difficult to fit at times.
    The harness is durable and easy to wash, both being needed when the 4 legged one takes a hike in the muddy forest.
    We found the easy grab handle on the top of harness useful too. All in all, a great harness

  18. David

    This harness is perfect for our everyday walks and our long hikes in the mountains love the colours and fits jasper so well both in his winter coat and summer coat. It’s very durable we have been using it everyday for around a year now and it’s got no signs of wear. Definitely recommend

  19. Elly (verified owner)

    Fits our narrow/pointy shouldered but deep chested cross breed perfectly – none of the slippage we’ve seen with other harnesses. I love the hi-vis colour and will definitely be ordering a second!

  20. sophy (verified owner)

    I have had one of these harnesses for a while now and I just love them! Fantastically versatile; my spaniel’s is used for mantrailing, canicross and even for paddle boarding as the loop on the back is great in case I need to tow her out of the water! The diamond shape neck gives great freedom for her throat when she’s pulling hard. The colours are amazing and can match in with long lines, bungee leads and canicross belts too. Fantastic value for money!

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