Sporty Paws Open Back Harness

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The Sporty Paws race harness is for strong out front pullers and can be used for canicross, bikejor, scootering, sledding and any other pulling sport without worrying about line angle.

It can be adjusted in the back, so it can suit dogs who are particularly long or short in the body.

There is no material over the dogs’ back, so the dog has total freedom of movement through the back.

Available in all Sporty Paws colours to match our lines, belts and other harnesses.


Size Chart
1 40cm 48cm
2 44cm 52cm
3 45cm 54cm
4 46cm 56cm
5 47cm 58cm
6 49cm 62cm
7 50cm 65cm
8 52cm 68cm

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O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, O6, O7, O8


Lime Green, Neon Yellow, Teal, Black, Neon Orange, Pink, Purple

8 reviews for Sporty Paws Open Back Harness

  1. Marianne

    My 17kg boy has a short back and we had tried the zero dc faster without joy as it was too long and unadjustable. The open back sporty harness (in size 1 fir us) is just perfect as it can be adjusted in length in two places to get a perfect fit. My dog loves pulling in it and I love the bright colours. I will be using it for faster canicross runs and bikejor. Highly recommended

  2. Anna

    I have a dog I run for a client he has been the hardest dog to fit for a harness with his massive head and tiny body. Bet you have a right cartoon picture now right.
    Back to review this harness as given me the opportunity to get a harness big enough to go over his head and I can super adjust for his body. He pulls like a train so none of the shorties have ever been any good.
    Love the colours and the feel .
    The one thing you have to watch is the webbing coming loose. Where the adjustments are made.
    I have stitched it to make it extremely secure as I only run reactive dogs.

  3. Emma

    Love that this harness has 2 adjustment points to help get the fit just right (on the back and at the tail). Really well made and a great colour choice too!

  4. Jade

    Really interested on comparing this to the Zero DC long, my dog hunches when she runs and is a very strong puller so an open back is always the first choice for her style of running.
    In comparison to the Dc long, Sporty Paws was a lot easier to get on/off my dog, due to Sporty Paws version being much further away from the armpits it was a lot more smoother to lift my dogs Paws through the opening.
    I know some harnesses sit very close to the dogs armpits which causes rubbing too often however this style of harness has been made to with that in mind as the chest and sides are a lot more open that the material doesn’t sit anywhere close to the armpits to rub on the dog.
    The neck being a circle version is very easy to fit on/off a dogs head, especially those with thicker necks and shoulders.
    The sides are adjustable which I think is a fantastic idea as each dog is different in body length, their design is very easy to adjust and so far with my dogs strong pulling the adjustments have stayed the length I’ve set them as. There’s also a little adjustment at the back by the dogs tail if you need to make that area wider or shorter.
    There is a huge colour option which for me is perfect and for anyone else who loves to run in certain colours.
    The harness has certainly won my heart over its competitor brand styles.

  5. Mrs H

    A beautifully designed harness with an excellent price point.

    Loving the colour ranges as it is very nice to have different colours to choose from. Easy to put on and take off and very supportive.

  6. Richard Shawcross

    We tried this as an alternative to a Freemotion as Gus does not like the constrictive nature of it. With its open back this was much more successful for our Scooterjor sessions and he is clearly happier in it. Gus can be awkward to fit for harnesses owing to his cross. He is on the border of size between a 3 and 4 for his neck on this harness. Note that although the 3 has the same measurement as the S6 Sporty Shorty, the construction is different and the necks are not the same size. There is plenty of adjustment in the back however so going a size up should not cause any great problem. The adjustment is one of the real bonuses of this harness and I was able to obtain a good fit. As Anna highlighted there can be some slippage under pull so when the harness is new this needs to be watched. Roughing the satin finish on the buckle edges should solve this nicely. Same excellent quality and value as all the other Sporty Paws kit and definitely recommended.

  7. Alison Menhinick

    Tried this harness today on my boy who in the past has been difficult to fit due to his shape and running style. Glad to say the harness worked well and no problems with it rising onto his throat as has been the issue with other harnesses. It took a few goes at getting it adjusted to fit but once done it sat smoothly along his sides and he ran well. As this harness is so minimalist it is easy to get on and off and would be a good option for dogs that don’t like being over handled. The amazing bright colours are a bonus!

  8. Sarah Finch (verified owner)


    I’ve got a brittany who has been a pain to fit harnesses to – he’s tried a few which have been okay, but none have fitted ideally.
    I identified that he seemed more comfortable running in an open back style, so I decided to try the sporty paws open back, being drawn in by the two points of adjustability. It’s been perfect for my boy – his breed are broad chested and short in length of back and the adjustability of the sporty paws open back harness means that I’ve been able to adjust the fit perfect to my boy, and I can really see it in his running. He used to mainly trot or pace and now he seems more comfortable and is pulling and running at a gallop.

    The one note I found was the adjustable sections did slip a bit, so I’ve tried threading them through the opposite way (so the excess is lying under the strap), but failing that I’ll sew them down.

    My only other feedback is I wish it came in smaller sizes as my second brittany is too small for the size 01. At present she is running in a Sali open back, which suits her well, but I think the overall design of the sporty paws is superior – e.g. the shape of the collar section and the width and padding on the straps towards the attachment point look more comfortable.

    Overall, I’m really happy with this harness and would 100% recommend it, especially to anyone who’s had difficulty with fitting fixed size harnesses.

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