Sporty Paws Bungee Line 1m/2m/2.5m

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Our range of bungee lines, they come with a grab handle at the dogs end in case of emergencies!  Customise your own line by choosing from the following options

LENGTH: 1m (parkrun) / 2m (Canicross) / 2.5m (Bikejor/Scooter)

COLOUR: 2 Styles

All black but with coloured stich detail:

Black/Neon Orange

Black/Neon Yellow




Black/Lime Green

Or our newer style go brighter and bolder!




Bright Green

Bright Orange

HARDWARE: Twist Lock Carabiner / Brass Snaps

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

2.5m, 1m, 2m


Black/Lime Green, Black/Neon Orange, Black/Neon Yellow, Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Teal, Neon Orange, Teal, Bright Green, Pink, Purple


Brass Snap, Twist Lock Carabiner

19 reviews for Sporty Paws Bungee Line 1m/2m/2.5m

  1. Pippa Allatt-Wish

    Love the lead!
    The bungee is super strong and very bouncy like – much better than others I have tried 🙂
    I love the handle near the Caribena and dog so you can hold them close if there is a road or unfriendly dog!

  2. Stephanie woore

    I love this new line!

    The first thing I loved was the sturdiness of it, it feels like it’ll hold a steam train like my 38kg girl, thick material with a wide handle. It has an extra handle nearer to the dog which I know most other lines also have but this one is so easy to grab hold of even when the dog is pulling against the lead. I have had a few issues with my other line not being able to get my fingers in to the extra loop quick enough because it’s flush against the line.

    I opted for the twist lock carabiner. The clasp is a little fiddly to put on when you first need to but once it’s on it’s not going anywhere, very strong and safe (number one for rule for me is safety). Once you’ve done it a few times you get the hang of it.
    On to the moving, I have found with some lines you still get a bit of a jolt when a strong puller is attached, however I had no issues at all. It feels as if the bungee is slightly more relaxed that other lines so absorbs more of the impact. I was worried I would have less control over the dog with a more relaxed line but it is totally opposite, a slight change in my hips and they felt me command through the line with no pressure on my back.

    All in all a great line that I would happily get again in the future.

  3. Richard Shawcross

    I opted for the 1 metre twist lock carabiner line as the 1 metre length is my general preference for Canicross. I have previously been using a Bono’s Parkrun line with a brass snap.

    This new Sporty Paws line is in my opinion far superior. Although it is £2 more expensive with the carabiner fitting it is definitely worth the extra money as once you are used to the twist mechanism it feels very secure despite being lighter and more finely constructed than the brass snap. A brass snap is available if you really need to save the £2, which is a nice option.

    The Bono line is approx 90cm un-stretched and 120cm stretched. The bungee section on the Bono line is slightly longer than the Sporty Paws, but overall I find this line just a little short for optimal running positions. The Sporty Paws line is 102cm un-stretched and 130cm stretched. The extra 10/12cm makes all the difference for Gus to be in his perfect position in front of me. Generally the Sporty Paws line feels more sturdy and the bungee a little firmer which I found gets rid of the twanginess (technical term) of the line as we run both in terms of up and down movement but also as Gus pulls. The Sporty Paws line is a few grams heavier but this is down to extra fabric from it being wider, longer and with a thicker bungee section. The carabiner is circa 30 grams lighter than the brass snap on the Bono line and this gives the line better balance across its length when un-stretched.

    Being able to match the line via its stitching colour to your dog’s harness and your belt is a nice little touch. I will definitely be adding the 2m and 2.5m versions to my collection.

  4. Anna Roberts

    I love this line, outsanding quàlity robust and brilliant quality. I have problems in recommending these lines.
    I love the twist lock carabiner it fills me with happiness. The bungee is strong and plenty of stretch but not to much you dont have control.
    I love the jesus christ handle much needed with my reactive crazie hound.
    I love the thickness of the webbing i have issues with webbing and i feel confident with this one.
    100% give this a 5 star outsanding

  5. Lauren williams

    Got this line to match our teal sporty shorty that we love.

    I already had a bungee line but definitely prefer this one. The snap clip is heavy duty and I love having the handle.
    I recently used it in a race for the first time and it was a game changer when at the start line and having to navigate through gates, on road crossings etc.

    Will be buying another for my other dog soon👌🏼
    Wish I’d bought the full set of sporty paws matching belt harness and line rather than buying others whilst starting off with Canicross and now replacing them with this set anyway🤪

  6. Jenn Hera Nyx

    Light and webbing is soft but firm. The bungee is set midway down the line and had a handle at the top and a grab/control handle at the bottom, easy to grab when needed but bit too far down for controlling shorter dogs.
    Both my jack russells seemed to enjoy pulling with the line, bungee wasn’t too stiff for his weight and he happily pulled for 4 miles. The twist lock is a great option.

  7. Sarah Ward

    Excellent Canicross line – we love it. It’s strong and sturdy but still light enough for smaller dogs to use. The handle is invaluable and the quality is very good. We felt confident using it with a very strong, boisterous and gobby German shepherd. We will definitely be investing in the different lengths.

  8. Marianne Mulder

    Excellent bungee line! I have the 1m line, the shortest bungee I have used so far and I love it. The grab handle is really easy to use. Perfect for those runs where you need to be in control of your dog, during Park Run or near roads.

  9. Gerry Moss

    I love this line and has made me realise I need to replace my old artic wolf ones . Grab handle is easy to get your hand through and really well made. It coped well with my super strong pulling GSP and the brass clip is nice and robust… Tiny downside would be that it’s a pretty heavy lead for my smaller dog.

  10. Emma

    Blown away by the strength of this line. I am very lucky to have tried a lot of different lines, harnesses and belts. I regularly run two very large 30kg plus dogs together. So finding a twin line that is capable of taking their power and not causing jolts along my back or theirs is very hard.
    So when this line arrive I was impressed with how neat and tidy it looked, but also the length and thickness of the bungee cord. The tape used in its construction has a nice soft feel about it, but looks very sturdy and long lasting. I love the different attachment options, as the carabiners are not always easy to use for beginners. Running with this line was a pleasure, I really enjoyed it, and it did everything much more expensive lines offer and more. Great bit of kit at a really good price point. Something everyone should have in their kit bags.

  11. suzysparkle

    First impressions of this line (specifically the 2m with Twist Lock Carabiner) were excellent. Impressive quality of both materials and stitching with plenty thought having gone into the design. It’s a nice weight and feels substantial without any excess bulk. The logo is well positioned and looks good.

    In use it continued to impress and the length I found perfect for Canicross. I was running with a hard-pulling Siberian Husky on varying terrain, some hilly sections and some rough, uneven stretches. I felt comfortable throughout the run with the bungee section performing really well. The material repelled mud quite effectively which is useful!

    I am a fan of the Carabiner but think it’s great you have the option to choose between this and a brass snap. Finally, the grab handle is an excellent feature. Really useful for getting dogs in and out of vehicles or just when you need to keep them close by. A highly recommended line.

  12. Jade S

    Ticks all the boxes you want in a line!!

    I have the 1m line with brass clip although you have the option of brass clip or twist lock carabiner.
    I recently raced two dogs on two separate SP 1m lines, both dogs incredibly strong (dobermanX and Greyster) the fabric, stitching and bungee in the line handled both the dogs superbly. No jolts back when the dogs really shot forward like I’ve experienced on other brand lines, the stitching looks immaculate after having such a rough time with the constant pull.

    The main detail the SP lines have which none others have is the way they’ve designed the handle down the bottom by the dogs – other brands do have a handle but not like these! The SP lines handle is sewn back on itself so one side of the handle is just a little bit longer it makes it incredibly easy to pop your hand through and grab.
    During my race with two strong dogs we found ourselves numerous times running through fields of livestock or crossing the road- the way the handle is designed made it so easy for me to quickly grab the dogs and bring them closer to me without having the hassle of trying to part the fabric either side to get my hand through to use the handle.

    The colour option is a lovely little touch so if your like me enjoy colour coding all your gear it’s perfect.

  13. David Leacock

    I have been using this line for a while now and it has been perfect for us for bikejor and the scooter and have also used it for walking in attached to a waist belt. The lead Is really strong, the bungee is really good at absorbing the pull when walking. I love the traffic handle it is so handy when coming to a road or coming up to someone els walking

    This has totally replaced both of my other lines

  14. Emily M

    Really impressed with this line. I had a zero dc and a Bono. The Bono feels flimsy in comparison to this sporty paws line yet both feel lightweight, and the zero Dc has brass clasps each end which makes it not always race legal so having a loop one end and the caribener made this ideal on the sporty paws. The handle on the zero dc was sometimes tricky to get into, where as the sporty paws is obvious and I felt more in control esp at park runs.
    I didn’t notice any difference running my boy on this line to his racing line, no Jolting, no feeling of being too close, no compromised running angle- in fact it felt very comfortable at my boys sprint start!
    At the end of the run, it was nice to be able to unhook the line from my belt and utilise the line as a standalone lead without a clasp banging around your wrist. That was another winning point for me with this line.
    Overall a well thought out, high end line that will manage quite some considerable miles before showing signs of wear and tear.
    Super impressed!

  15. Jon

    Great lines… I’ve got three… one each for my Border Terriers… I got the 1m with the brass clips, perfect for my set up.. I need strong and lightweight for my feisty crew, two who don’t like other dogs so the handle on the line is great and easy to slide your hand in when needing to pull them closer to me…. I like the little coloured stitching so I can colour code my pups…. They look cool too!

  16. Laura

    the 1m line is a great addition to my canicross kit bag. It’s the perfect length for staying safe around other runners at parkrun and a sturdy, well-made design. I also love the fact that it comes in different colours so you can coordinate with your other canicross kit!

  17. Natasha

    I love our purple parkrun line, it’s lightweight but strong! I have now ran 3 different dogs on this line and it’s be great with all of them highly recommended this line and it’s grab handle.

  18. James Shelton (verified owner)

    I purchased the 2m with a twist lock back in June for my husky. I was looking for a line that had a good stretch and 2 grab handles and this was perfect. I use mine for walking and these are spot on either attached to my walking belt or just held by hand. We have just got a malamute and first thing I bought was another one of these.
    Highly recommended

  19. sophy (verified owner)

    I simply love these lines! I use the 1m lines for my dogs’ daily walking lines, and over a year in they show no signs of wear and tear at all, unlike some others that I’ve tried! The colours could be a little more aggressive for my taste 😉 but this more subtle way to coordinate with harnesses and canicross belts etc is probably better for most people! I love the “naughty dog handle” further down the line to keep dogs close when crossing roads or around distractions!

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