Sporty Paws 2 Dog Bungee Lines 1m/2m/2.5m

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Our new range of 2 dog bungee lines. These have a separate bungee and grab handle on each dogs line.

LENGTH: 1m (Canicross) / 2m (Canicross) / 2.5m (Bikejor/Scooter)

COLOUR (all black but with coloured stich detail): Neon Orange/Neon Green/Purple/Pink/Teal/Lime Green

HARDWARE: Brass Snaps or Twist Lock Carabiner

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2.5m, 1m, 2m


Black/Lime Green, Black/Neon Orange, Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Teal, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Pink, Teal, Black/Neon Yellow, Purple


Brass Snap, Twist Lock Carabiner

5 reviews for Sporty Paws 2 Dog Bungee Lines 1m/2m/2.5m

  1. Emma

    Blown away by the strength of this line. I am very lucky to have tried a lot of different lines, harnesses and belts. I regularly run two very large 30kg plus dogs together. So finding a twin line that is capable of taking their power and not causing jolts along my back or theirs is very hard.
    So when this line arrive I was impressed with how neat and tidy it looked, but also the length and thickness of the bungee cord. The tape used in its construction has a nice soft feel about it, but looks very sturdy and long lasting. I love the different attachment options, as the carabiners are not always easy to use for beginners. Running with this line was a pleasure, I really enjoyed it, and it did everything much more expensive lines offer and more. Great bit of kit at a really good price point. Something everyone should have in their kit bags.

  2. Emma

    Well made, strong bungee line. Love the additional grab handle at the bottom, it comes in handy for close control if we need it during our run.

  3. Pippa Allatt-Wish

    Seriously the best lines I’ve tried – I’ve tried many brands and they don’t stand up to these lines!
    The bungee is so bouncy and strong and withstands my two crazy pulling collies! I love the handles near the dogs for extra control .
    Love the line!

  4. Mrs Katy Thompson (verified owner)

    I ordered the one meter lines for my two small dogs,, the company said they could make this small length for me, I see they are now offered for sale on the options. I use these for running and hiking our Scottish hills and forest trails. I have now just ordered the same in the 2 metre length, which is better for hiking. The quality is excellent, really strong and sturdy, I chose the carabiner closure which seems very secure and I have had no trouble with these accidentally opening, which must be every dog owner’s greatest fear. I use these lines on a number of belts, in the main the Ruffwear running belt, but also the Ruffwear jogging belt and I have just recently purchased the Non-stop dog Ferd belt and additional Ferd bag. You get what you pay for with dog equipment, buy once with these lines and be happy with the quality and safety. One slight issue is if the two dogs are allowed to get fankled as there is no spinning mechanism to unfankle the muddle, but I would rather unmuddle the dogs than add a weak part of the link into this set-up, it’s a small niggle, the fact I have just order the same in the two-metre length shows what a small issue I find it. Wish there was a facility for me to add a photo and short video clip of these in action.

  5. Kate (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this line. I’ve been trying to find the best solution to run my two girls for some time, and this is the perfect balance. I find it works much better than a splitter or 2 separate leads. It appears to be incredibly strong, has grab handles at the bottom and the girls were very comfortable on our first run with it. Not to mention the fabulous colours and speedy delivery. Thanks Sporty Paws!

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