Sporty Paws CaniBelt

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Our new Canicross belt has landed!

  • 2 sizes S/M 70-100cm or L/XL 100-125cm
  • Choice of 7 colours to match our Sporty Shorty harnesses & lines
  • Large pocket, 20cm x 8cm big enough to fit any size phone
  • Loop on either side to hang treat bags or attach carabiners.
  • Removable leg straps
  • Removable twist lock carabiner to attach to line. Not fixed into position so can move with dog!

But don’t just take our word for it, this review from one of our happy customers in the US sums up everything you need to know!

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Lime Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Teal, Black, Black-Green, Black-Orange, Black-Pink, Black-Purple, Black-Teal, Pink, Purple

11 reviews for Sporty Paws CaniBelt

  1. Richard Shawcross

    You can tell that the Sporty Paws team have put a lot of thought into this belt and they have come up with a winner.

    I prefer a more basic style of belt for Canicross and my go to has been the Neewa belt which is well made but all about function. This Sporty Paws belt will be a nice addition to my kit as it is definitely a level up from the Neewa with some nice little touches the Neewa doesn’t have.

    The Sporty Paws belt has detachable leg loops where the Neewa does not and this is a nice feature. Although i’m happy with leg loops for running I do feel it limits a belt. Many people find leg loops uncomfortable or like them for running but not Canihike or more general walking so this makes the Sport Paws belt more useable. The pocket on the Sporty Paws belt is far superior both in terms of size and construction. The Neewa has a basic zip and pocket barely big enough for poo bags and keys. The Sporty Paws has a much better weatherproof zip and bigger pocket which for many will allow mobile phone (for the all important Strava) to be added to the poo bags and keys. There is just enough padding on the SP belt without being too much and the front waist buckle is reassuringly large and solidly made. The two additional loops for extra carabiners or small soft water bottles etc are a nice useful touch which will be welcomed by those who like runs over 10km.

    The connector for belt to line is via a twist lock carabiner. This takes a little getting used to but ones you’ve done it a few time you appreciate it is well machined and suitably strong. Should it fail for any reason or simply not be to your preference it is easily swapped for a stander O ring.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this belt and already have on several occasions.

  2. stephanie

    The sporty paws belt is great in many ways. It is very sturdy with a large secure clip at the front, a large pocket for most modern days phones with space for a couple of keys too. The pocket is easy to access even whilst running. The belt comes with a carabiner which was a nice touch as most others you have to supply your own. The removable leg straps makes this belt more adaptable for those who may not like straps or to interchange for different sports.

    This belt was a bit different than I am used to. I usually run with a Rock Empire belt which has a strap around the buttocks so it was a bit of a change to have a belt that sits higher up. I run with a powerful 38kg girl who pulls constantly and the strap around my bottom helps to control her power. I felt I struggled to maintain as much control over her with the higher setting of the sporty paw belt, I do believe however that with a slower or less powerful dog this would not be such an issue.

    I love the look and idea of this belt and if it wasn’t for the power of my girl it would definitely be a winner. I would highly recommend this belt to anyone but ask them to consider the power of their dog and where they like to feel the pull from.

  3. Marianne Mulder

    This belt is fantastic in its design and function. It is adjustable enough to fit all of my kids (aged 9 to 16) as well as myself equally well. Because it is lovely and broad it sits across the top of your bum really well and gives loads of support. The pull of the dog is spread evenly through the belt making it super comfortable. It is perfect in combination with the sporty paws 1 m bungee, giving lots of control over the dog. It comes in lots of fantastic colours, I love the orange colour, great for visibility in dusky conditions.

  4. Natasha

    This is a great belt and there is lots to love about it, it’s sturdy with a great waist belt clip, the leg straps can loosen and tighten well, the colour is great and the extra loops for carrying essentials (water bowl or poo bag carrier) is a nice addition.

    The pull with this belt is higher up than a non stop but lower than a zero dc.
    A great belt for a beginner or a team with a medium sized steady puller.

    I would recommend this belt as its great belt for the money. Must add the pocket is perfect for phone or keys. Well done Sporty Paws.

  5. Gerry Moss

    This belt is great value for money. I love the big pocket at the back and the simplicity of this belt. I currently wear a Zero DC Speedy belt and the pull from the Sporty Paw belt is a little lower (but not as low as the Non Stop belt). I found that with two big strong dogs pulling the side attachment points for the line were sticking into me a bit, although I didn’t notice this at all with just one dog. I love that they had added some loops to attach your Dicky Bag or treat pouch but, I also hate a flappy about Dicky bag and would really love an additional loop that is fixed at top and bottom of the belt under the current loop point to put the velcro through of the Dicky bag. I ended up switching the carabinner that came with it to attache the line as I like something a bit bigger and easier to hook/unhook the dogs for when they get in a tangle or the emergency wee stops along the longer distance routes – easy to do by unthreading and sliding the carabineer off that came with it. Size wise I found this really accurate – I’m usually M-L girl so got the tape measure out to check what would be best – I was at the top end of the S-M size (which did make me a little nervous as I’d never class myself on the small side), but it was a perfect fit and true to size. All in all a great belt especially for the cost.

  6. Pippa Allatt-Wish

    I LOVE this belt!
    It is super duper lightweight yet padded enough for my super strong pulling dogs to still being comfortable!
    The pocket is MAHOOOOSIVE and fits my phone and keys in xD and some poo bags and a sweetie or two for the dogs:)
    Massive colour selection and it comes in PURPLE!!

  7. Emma

    Tried out this belt for the first time yesterday morning with my 20kg Collie X Husky. Super lightweight and comfy, you can barely tell you’re wearing it even when we had some pheasant power part way around our route! A great waistbelt that doesn’t break the bank.

  8. Jon

    This is a cracking belt.. Sooo comfy.. When I got home from a session I actually forgot to take it off!.. It has a nice wide fastening belt that doesn’t dig in.. fits nicely across my hips, a little higher than my previous Dogfit belt which suits me fine as it doesn’t ride down after a few miles, I didn’t have to hitch it up once, even with my iPhone and car keys in the lovely big pocket.. The other great thing is the removable legs straps, I’m still wearing shorts and leg straps have a tendency to ride the shorts up and chaff so it’s great to remove them and be able to put them back for legging weather, although the belt stays put without them so I probably won’t bother.. The leg straps also have nice little elastic bands to tuck in the loose ends of the straps after you’ve tightened them so they’re not flapping about… Size wise I got the L/XL which is plenty big enough for my 36’ish inch belly, I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t need it ‘expanded’ to the max, in fact, far from it… I love the added loops to attach Dicky bags etc.. but agree with the review above that two loops, (one below the other) would have been great to fix it so it wouldn’t bounce.. Really good quality, sturdy but still light weight… the sliding twist lock carabiner does the trick.. moves nicely with the dogs.. I say dogs because I run three Border Terriers… because of this attaching 3 lines to the clip can be a bit fiddly as I think the carabiner is only designed for one so to get over this I have my lines already attached to another large carabiner and just attach that to the one on the belt, problem solved!… my only criticism of this belt is I wish it came in black!

  9. Mrs H

    I am so happy to have tried this belt. Firstly I love the colour options. I get bored of seeing black belts constantly. It is fantastic to see a bright colour range, it makes group running easier as you can see the belts and at night the bright yellow will be a blessing.

    The design with the detachable leg loops gives the belt more versatility, some wish to hike or use the belt for dog walking. Which this belt is ideal for as the pocket is HUGE!!! THANK YOU FOR THE GIANT POCKET!!! Most belts go on about a functional pocket, I am looking at you I-dog, canix, the pockets aren’t great. You could get a set of keys in most…that is about it. This pocket is a game changer, phone, keys, poop bags and more.

    The belt itself has padding but it doesn’t feel like you are wearing something thick and clumsy, it adjust easily, but doesn’t feel like it will come lose in anyway. The swivel carabiner is great, it means you can run more than one line and they don’t get wrapped around each other.

  10. Shauna ward (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this canicross belt
    Great large pocket at the back for phone keys etc
    Love the colour choice
    I Love the two additions on the side to clip things on if need be and the caribeaner that come with it
    Fully adjustable
    100 percent recommended

  11. sophy (verified owner)

    Great value belt – one of the most comfortable I’ve tried, in the minimalist style that I prefer but still with TONS of support!

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