Non-Stop Touring Bungee Adjustable

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Our most versatile leash! Can easily be adjusted to fit around your waist, around a tree or in your hand.

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Touring Bungee Adjustable is the the perfect choice for hikes and everyday activities with your dog!Adjustable to your preferred length with the buckle, which can also be opened quickly if needed. With this leash you can go for a hands-free walk with the leash around your waist, and within seconds make it fit perfectly around a tree during your break or adjust it to fit around your body if you want your dog to run loose for the rest of the hike.Touring Bungee Adjustable has an integrated elastic part for the comfort of both you and your dog. If extra control is needed, there is a handle close to the dog. This also has 3M reflective for visibility in the dark.The leash is attached to the dog with a lightweight swivel aluminium carabiner with twist-lock for extra safety.

Circumference of loop: Minimum 43 cm, maximum 146 cm
Length of leash with maximum loop: 159 cm (no stretch), 222 cm (stretched)
Length of leash with minimum loop: 211 cm (no stretch), 275 cm (stretched)

  •  Can hold 300 kg
  • Weighs 160 grams
  • Twist-lock carabiner
  • 3M reflective
  • Polyester webbing
  • Light but durable aluminium buckles

1 review for Non-Stop Touring Bungee Adjustable

  1. suzysparkle (verified owner)

    This is an utterly brilliant lead and definitely one of my favourite products. I won’t lie, I hesitated to buy it because it is expensive but I have to say it’s worth every penny. I do a lot of hillwalking with my Collie and at times she has to stay on the lead. Being used to using a walking belt with my Siberian Huskies I find being hands-free much more preferable! However, wearing a walking belt with a rucksack is not at all comfortable. My solution had been to thread my rucksack waist band through the handle of a lead but found that didn’t work very well. It unbalanced things and put pressure on the clip. I also very nearly lost an expensive lead after a snack stop. It was this dilemma that led me to me buying this lead.

    Firstly, the quality is excellent. The bungee section (and line itself) is just the right length and the wee handle is really handy. The loop has so much adjustment and it’s lightweight making it very comfortable to wear as well as secure if using to tie-up. When the dog is off-lead it’s easy to just loop it over a shoulder and as it stays round your waist there’s no risk of loosing it. The mini karabiner looks really smart and for hillwalking is a nice touch although one small issue is it’s a bit fiddly. That said, a plus side is that it’s more secure. Matches really well with the non-stop line harness grip and has the same reaĺly effective reflective piping. An absolute must-have product for hillwalking.

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