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The Running Belt was developed with the best athletes in canicross for running and racing. It’s unique construction features maximum safety for the runners back which also helps to maintain good running style. This is important for your health as well as for your performance. It is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines for professional racing.

On the backside the Running Belt has an integrated pocket.

There is also a ‘Junior’ version for the same price.  It is the same style as the Adults but just smaller for the younger Canicrossers.

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1 review for Non-Stop Running Belt

  1. Jade (verified owner)

    Treated myself to this belt a few Christmas’s ago and have loved it from day one.
    The thing I love the most is the loose loop at the front which has freedom to move from side to side which is very handy for tight turns as the loop follows the dogs direction and pulls you from that side rather than where some belts the loop doesn’t have freedom to move and you get more rough pulls when doing tight corners.
    I do feel the back pocket is quite small compared to what I ran in before, you won’t be able to get big phones into that pocket, poo bags and set of keys (I don’t think you could anyway) however I run with a small backpack so the pocket only houses poo bags and my keys for me.
    I have noticed recently that the front line is starting to look worn down where the loop slides side to side on it, whether this is because I have a strong dog that pulls a lot and that’s what’s made it worn down I’m not too sure.
    I feel I probably have another season or two left on this belt before I’ll need to replace it with a new one, which in reality isn’t bad as I’d have had it for around 4 years then.
    My next harness will just be an upgrade from this model anyway as it fits me perfectly, I don’t have a problem with it rising up or falling down nor do i have a problem with the leg straps either rubbing or flapping around loose.

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