Non-Stop Nansen Stick Harness

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Nansen stick harness is made for hard-working dogs who have a constant load to pull, such as a sled or other weights where the pulling center is low. This harness is co-developed with the four-time Iditarod champion, Dallas Seavey. He wanted to solve problems many mushers encounter with the rearmost dogs in the team, who are exposed to back and hip strain. The result is the Nansen stick harness, which puts less load on the dog’s backend than an ordinary Nome harness.

When a sled or pulka slides in the terrain, the Nansen stick harness moves up and down behind the dog’s hips. This eases the load on the hips and back so that the dog’s energy is better utilized, and it has a more comfortable pulling position. An elastic back piece keeps the stick in the correct position. In the neck, there is a reflective flap so that the musher can observe the dog’s movement when it is dark. Nansen stick harness is available in half-sizes, which have the same back length but a larger neck circumference. The half-sizes have a red end-rope, full-sizes have a blue end-rope. The backstrap length on this harness varies from size to size. But the total length of the harness is the same, regardless of size.

Pulling-harness which puts minimal pressure on the dog’s hips and back, developed for dog mushing.

The dog’s wellbeing is essential for us when we are carefully designing every harness at Non-stop dogwear. Ergonomic design requires attention to detail. We always construct the inner lining so that all materials overlap without any hard edges. Harnesses are made from durable, tightly woven nylon and have a cell foam base to prevent water soaking in. Every seam has its smooth side towards the dog’s body, all to make sure the harness does not chafe the dog. All our harnesses have integrated 3M reflective materials for the dog’s security. This anatomical design approach with freedom of movement and comfortable breathing is our trademark. This harness is also reinforced with Hypalon on stressed joints.

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Size 4 █ 4.5 █ 5 █ 5.5 █ 6 █ 6.5 █ 7 █ 7.5 █ 8 █ 8.5 █ 9 █ 9.5 █ 10 █ 10.5 █
Neck circumference 32-34 cm 36-38 cm 34-36 cm 38-40 cm 36-38 cm 40-42 cm 38-40 cm 42-44 cm 40-42 cm 44-46 cm 42-44 cm 46-48 cm 44-48 cm 48-52 cm
Max length back 41-54 cm 52-54 cm 54-57 cm 54-57 cm 57-60 cm 57-60 cm 60-63 cm 60-63 cm 63-66 cm 63-66 cm 66-70 cm 66-70 cm 70-72 cm 70-72 cm+


  • Closed-cell foam that does not absorb water
  • Ripstop nylon
  • Nylon webbing
  • Aluminum stick
  • Hypalon reinforcement
  • 220 D heavy-duty Nylon
  • Braided cord attachment loop
  • 3M reflective
  • Color: Black. Blue or red attachment loop (red for half-sizes)


Handwash only.

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10, 10.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5

1 review for Non-Stop Nansen Stick Harness

  1. Adrian Williamson (verified owner)

    Ordered 3 of these, all different sizes. Used the sizeing chart and all 3 fit well. Used them tonight and I’m impressed with them. As well as being well constructed they are very visible in the dark with all the reflective material. Stopped the crabbing with my wheel dog and seemed to pull harder than usual. Happy with the service as arrived a lot earlier than expected and was kept up to date by Danni.
    Will be buying the yearlings one each when they stop growing.
    Thanks sportypaws

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