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Non-Stop Dogwear has developed a bike antenna that makes dog scootering and bikejoring with your dog much easier. The KlickFix bike antenna is made from light aluminium and weighs 265 gr. Due to its practical click-mechanism, the bike antenna is detachable, handled easily and takes only little time. The stable KlickFix fixture can be attached to handle bars with diameter of 22-26 mm or 31.8 mm. At a push of a button, the KlickFix bike antenna is assembled to its fixture (KlickFix System inclusive). The KlickFix bike antenna itself measures 49 cm and the adapter has an additionally length of 7 cm.

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Tow line cannot get caught in the front wheel

A suitable joring line is simply fixed to the frame of the bike and threaded through the eyelet at the end of the bike antenna. The KlickFix fixture provides hereby reliable safety because this way the line cannot get caught in the spokes of the front wheel. There is little tension involved, which makes the pulling line longer durable and operational. The bike antenna is detachable and very flexible, adapting to all movements of the bike. Special rubber studs provide additional flexibility. Athletes engaged in mushing dog sports can use this bike antenna for relaxing as well as active bike tours.

Technical Data Non-Stop Dogwear KlickFix bike antenna:

Length: Weight: Attachment:
56 cm / 22 in ca. 265 g / 9.3 oz KlickFix system


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