Non-Stop 2 dog Bungee Leash 2.8m with carabiner


The joring line for two dogs from the Non-Stop Dogwear company is ideal for various dog sports such as bikejoring, dog scootering, skijoring, dog trekking, canicross and many more. Any sport with two dogs is made considerably easier by this special line.

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The loop is attached to the bike or on the dog owner's belt, while the two sturdy snaps hold the dogs securely. A strong shock absorber has been woven directly into the material and is therefore even more robust. The joring line from Non-Stop Dogwear is 2.8m long in stretched condition, so that a sufficient distance can be kept between owner and dogs. The light aluminium snap hook is designed for extremely strong pulling loads. Note: Due to its special carabiner, the towline is not approved for all competitions.

Equipped with shock-absorber for two dogs

This joring line is also equipped with a sturdy shock-absorber, keeping the load on the dog's body as low as possible. Dog owners also benefit, because they feel the rough movements of dogs less intensely. As a result, this shock-absorbing line offers lower risk of injury for dogs and owners. Durable and tear-resistant bungee cord ensures security and the long-life of the line. Dog sports enthusiast who train with two dogs will benefit from this practical and sturdy joring line for two dogs.

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2.8m (Bikejor/Scooter), 2m (Canicross)


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