NEW! Musher Koyuk Bungee Line

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The Koyuk bungee leash is a strong, robust, easy-to-use leash made of 25mm tubular webbing, and 8mm rubber band. The leash is available in 3 different sizes, so you can easily find the best length for your activity. For dogs over 10kg

Size Length (neutral) Length (stretched) Recommendation
S 145 cm 205 cm for running
M 175 cm 235 cm for running, bikej├Âring, scooter
L 205 cm 265 cm for bikej├Âring, scooter
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L, M, S

1 review for NEW! Musher Koyuk Bungee Line

  1. Duncan (verified owner)

    Once paired with a belt this was a huge step up from the runners leash i started with to see if my dog would run. Only problems i have found is there is no close control handle, but the knot for the bungee does help with that. There waa only the long option in stock every time i looked, so got that and have had to tie it up with a figure 9 (yes i do mean a fig 9) on the bight to get it near the right length. But at full length it does make a fairly good lean for some of our other dogs who have not leart their recall yet (reacue street dogs)

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