Musher Inuit Harness (narrow chest)

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Musher are the lowest price products in our range but there is no compromise in quality. Great for starting out or for people on a budget.

  • Inuit is great for narrow chested dogs whereas the Seppala is better for wide chests
  • Made of 25 mm very durable, MUSHER designed webbing.
  • Padded with waterproof and doghair-friendly material.
  • Suitable for Canicross/Bikejor/Scooter and Rig




Review from The Howling Yetis / The Bikejor Bible

In the sled-dog harness world, there’s hundreds of x-backs, hundreds of multi-sport harnesses, and what feels like another several hundred of things in between.  So, we probably didn’t need another, right? Wrong.

The Seppala/Inuit is more x-back than anything, but it’s an x-back with the design and material tech from more modern multi-sport style offerings.

The front-end of this, and the end many would consider the most important, is very much multi-sport style in it’s approach. From a design perspective, I believe this superior to any other I’ve seen. There’s something about the angles of the shoulder and neck straps, along with the luscious padding running down the chest plate that really make this a stand-out piece.

Unlike the Amundsen, the Seppala/Inuit is absolutely in tune with traditional sleddy breed body shapes. The sizing is also quite interesting, easily fitting two of my dogs well, that in their Non Stops are definitely different sizes.

How’s it feel in use?

The Seppala/Inuit provides a super familiar feel, to both x-back and multisport harness users – yet simultaneously injecting a degree of quality rarely found in this sport.

There’s a lot less to say about this harness, and that’s not a bad thing. There are much fewer nuances and caveats, it is an out-and-out top of the category contender.

I’m not saying that my Non-Stop Freemotion harness are going up for sale on Mushers Exchange tomorrow, far from it. But this test model isn’t going back either, it is now a solid and now my go-to harness for my girly.

Will I transition all dogs to this new wonderharness? That is a decision I will make after another season; if the impressive lack of wear and tear continues, there’s a good chance it’ll be a yes. I have undoubtedly damaged my Non-Stop harnesses in some way within a few months, but those parts are simple and cheap to replace, not having to shell out another £50+ each time something goes wrong.

The Seppala/Inuit harness does not have any replaceable portions, but in all honesty, I don’t think it needs to. I anticipate this lasting exceptionally well.

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3 reviews for Musher Inuit Harness (narrow chest)

  1. Megan Ramsay

    My Labrador and I love this harness! Good padding, super strong and is made from good quality materials! Really good price and very pretty colours to colour coordinate all our canicross stuff!

  2. Anka (verified owner)

    I love finding a cross back that actually fits my spaniel!

    Small but mighty, she has a cracking pull which is too much for the short style harnesses. We’ve tried other styles like the freemotion, but her bounding style is more suited to Xback or openback.

    We purchased the MINI size which is a great fit on length, sits correctly over ribs. Its a snug fit over the head, but that’s to be expected with large spaniel head to allow it to sit correctly round the neck.

    And being affordable….means we are now tempted to get it in a few other colours to coordinate or use while its in the wash 😀

  3. Alexandra Melnyk (verified owner)

    Ordered one of these back in June for our foster husky. Absolutely brilliant. The padding is really great. There is no option for the dog to slip out of the harness. Now ordered another one for our resident husky as she needs a new harness after using the old one for years.

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