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You love your dog and you also like to run? Yeah, we get it. Moreover, these are probably the two most basic things that everyone in the Musher pack can agree on. Running with your dog is pure happiness and freedom. It means health and joy. This cool baseball cap should not be missing from your running accessories, especially if you love to spend your free time actively with your dog in nature. This unisex cap will be your best team-mate (besides your dog, naturally) anywhere, whether it’s a run, a city walk, a day at the beach, or just sitting in the field. Just like in the case of any other Musher products, we have made sure that not just the design of this baseball cap but also its quality meets the highest standards.

The base material of the cap is a ribbed fabric made of 100 percent combed cotton (380g / m2). It is made with a six-panel cut, so its shape fits perfectly on the head. The bill / visor is quite long and its shape is bent, keeping your eyes safe from the sunbeams. Available in one size, but with a small copper buckle on the back, you can adjust its size to fit it perfectly. The label sewn into the cap won’t bother you either, as it’s made of satin, so you won’t even notice it’s there, you won’t have to bother cutting it out.

The cap has embroidered eyelets around it, increasing the comfort level. The color of the cap is slate gray. At the front there’s the “I like my dog. And running. And that, s it ”embroidery with the unmistakable turquoise color of Musher. You can also find the Musher logo on the side.

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