Metbox Pickup Boxes

Pickup box is designed for people who have a pickup car. We offer boxes for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 dogs. 

The basic version of the body includes: 

  • Aluminum frame, anodized,
  • 25mm thermally insulated panels in white with the METBOX AERO logo and,
  • 12v fan (197m/h) 1 pc. with controller,
  • Aerodynamic ventilation mushroom 1 pc.,
  • Rectangular, stainless air inlets,
  • Exterior doors with a key lock,
  • Internal aluminum grilles with a stainless steel lock,
  • third brake light,
  • Drain holes in the boxes.

When ordering, the customer can choose additional options that will be in his box:

  • Thermostat,
  • LED interior lighting,
  • Additional air intakes in the doors,
  • Painting the frame in RAL color,
  • 20 degree exterior door lock,
  • Door opening actuators (set),
  • Wooden pallets for boxes,
  • Polyurethane mats for boxes,
  • Wrap without background,
  • overall wrapping,
  • Solar with a battery and a controller with a USB connector,
  • solar battery charger,
  • electric converter,
  • railings,
  • Drawer under the box,
  • Additional storage.

If you are interested, please email us with your requirements including shipping address and we will write back with a quote-

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