ManMat Lash Harness


WITH 40 cm 20 – 23 kg Hungarian Whippet (female)
M 42 cm 24 – 27 kg Hungarian Whippet (male), German Whippet (female)
L 44 cm 28 – 31 kg German Pointer (female, male), pointer (female)
XL 46 cm 32 – 35 kg German Whippet (male), pointer (male), Weimaraner (female), Rhodesian Ridgeback (female)
XXL 48 cm 36 – 38 kg pointer (dog), Weimaraner (dog), Rhodesian Ridgeback (dog)





The main advantage of the LASH harness is the adjustment of the back length using a solid quality buckle. It is important to properly secure the strap by pulling it back through the buckle so that it does not come loose!

This unique harness differs from classic X-back harnesses also in the effective distribution of traction. It doesn’t matter at what height your dog is strapped (to a scooter, sled or canicross belt), because you can use the buckle to adjust the harness before each activity so that it is properly tensioned and the strength of the lower and upper pull will always be even. The effort of your four-legged racer will not be in vain, and you will feel all the strength he develops to the maximum.

For example, it fits perfectly with hound types of dogs with an elongated body, but it also fits on the athletic body of the Siberian Husky and similar breeds. LASH is a great solution for dogs that do not fit ordinary long X-back harnesses within the ratio of neck circumference x back length.

The soft PU foam material guarantees grip and perfectly copies the shape of the dog’s body. Thanks to the narrowed neck and the overall structure of the harness, it does not rotate when moving and keeps its shape.

The material used ensures a comfortable and free movement of the dog without unpleasant abrasions, especially in less hairy parts of the body, when the skin is thin and sensitive.

REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS sewn on the sides and on the top of the harness allow good visibility of the dog at night and at the same time do not dazzle.

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L, M, S, XL, XXL


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