Manmat Canicross Bungee Line

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For races, the length of the extended line should not exceed 2 m to avoid the entanglement of the dogs.

The pulling line should, for safety reasons, be attached to the person in such a way that allows easy release. In practice, it means using the so called “Finish hook” or the “panic snap”.

The canicross line can also be attached to the belt by threading it through its big ring.

Canicross line is 200 cm length after stretching.

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Black, Manmat Blue Edge, Manmat Red Edge, Orange, Pink, Silver, Tricolour

1 review for Manmat Canicross Bungee Line

  1. suzysparkle

    Excellent quality line. It is well made and very strong. They last a long time so well worth the investment.

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