Kyflie Otium Short Harness


The OTIUM harness from KYFLIE is multifunctional, lightweight, comfortable, adjustable and easy to put on. One leash attachment point for pulling activities and several reflective trims for a better low-light visibility. This dog harness is designed for Canicross, Bike Joring, Hiking, Outdoor activities and Ski Joring.



A multifunctional, lightweight and comfortable pulling harness for leisure and competition.

The OTIUM harness from KYFLIE is multifunctional, lightweight and comfortable pulling harness for leisure and competition in Canicross, Bike Joring, Ski Joring, but also for Hiking and Outdoor activities.

Easy to put on, respects the dog’s movements

Easy and fast to put on the neck of the dog thanks to its fixed V-shaped neckline, freeing the dog’s windpipe during pulling. Its ergonomic shape respects the clearance of the shoulders for a good freedom of movement during the race and a homogeneous distribution of the pulling load.

Stability and comfort

The width of the straps stabilizes the harness on the dog and makes it more comfortable. The high attachment point is ideal for one dog, especially with a pull point above the dog’s back.

Ergonomic and anti-pull

The rib cage straps are adjustable and allow an optimum positioning on the dog. The inner mesh fabric is soft and breathable, ist thick foam improves the comfort of the harness and protects the dog from possible injuries. Several reflective trims for a better low-light visibility.

  • Stable V neckline
  • Opening/closing buckles
  • Two adjustment points at the rib cage
  • One metal O-ring attachment point
  • Soft and breathable inner mesh fabric
  • Back and chest comfort foam
  • Reflective trim


T1 5-8 kg 40-45 cm 28-35 cm
T2 8-10 kg 46-52 cm 36-41 cm
T3 10-17 kg 53-60 cm 42-47 cm
T4 17-22 kg 61-69 cm 48-54 cm
T5 20-27 kg 70-80 cm 55-60 cm
T6 25-35 kg 65-85 cm 61-65 cm
T7 32-38 kg 75-95 cm 66-70 cm
T8 > 35 kg 90-105 cm 71-75 cm

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T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8


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