Kyflie Ludus Bikejor Bungee Line


The LUDUS BIKE tug line with bungee from KYFLIE provides a good shock absorption and is suitable for bike joëringski joëringhiking and daily walks. Two handles, upper and traffic, to control the dog. Zinc swivel snap hook with rotating system.

Length of the leash fully extended: 2.70 meters

Federal Rules: national and international



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Shock-absorbing dog tug line with bungee

The LUDUS BIKE tug line with bungee from KYFLIE is a dog elastic leash designed for bike joëring, ski joëring, hiking and daily walks.

Shock absorber

The elastic structure all along the leash provides a good shock absorption when the dog is pulling, giving a maximum comfort during the effort as much for the back of the dog as for its owner.

Upper handle and traffic handle

The upper handle can be used for walking and as a point of attachement to the belt. The traffic handle enables you to control the dog at heel or just in front of you for ski joëring starts.

Knotless design

The rotating and resistant swivel snap hook prevents the leash from twisting on itself when the dog spins in circles. The tubular webbing is soft touch for a comfortable grip. The elastic is assembled with the webbing by stitching, without knots.