Inlandsis Twincross+


2-dog Canicross and Dog Sledding Gangline with removable lightweight carabiner.

A new version of the 2-dog Twincross Leash, the Twincross+ is also equipped with a lightweight carabiner that is resistant enough to withstand the pull of 2 strong dogs. This carabiner is removable for more versatility.



With its 2m length when fully extended and its light weight, the TwinCross is ideal for walking activities (Canicross, dog hiking) and dog sledding. For bikejoring, scootering, rig racing or skijoring, we recommend using the TwinJor model.

The 2 shock absorbers improve dog comfort and prevent the line from touching the ground if one of dogs is pulling with less power. The handle on runner-side can be easily attached with a cow hitch knot to a carabiner or a loop, depending on your activity.

We recommend using it with a neckline. 2-year warranty (does not cover chewing and biting).

Technical specifications

  • Compliance with federation regulations: IFSS / FFST (dog sledding)
  • Length not fully extended: 1.35m
  • Length fully extended: 2m
  • Weight 208g/325g
  • Shock absorber strength: For dogs >15kg
  • Runner-side carabiner: none
  • Dog-side carabiner: galvanized steel
  • Materials: tubular webbing

Additional information


Black, Blue, Green, Red


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