Inlandsis Open Back Harness (<15kg)


X-Back Harness designed to fit small and compact dogs (under 15 kgs / 33 lb)

The Inlandsis Open-Back x-back harness is designed specifically to help small and compact dogs develop all their power in a harness that is truly adapted to their morphology.

Size chart:

  • XXXS: 5-8 Kg
  • XXS: 8-11 Kg
  • XS: 11-15 Kg

Half-neck measurements from the tip of the withers to the tip of the breastbone are :

  • XXXS : 17 cm
  • XXS : 19 cm
  • XS : 21 cm

Each harness size enables to accommodate any length of back in the given weight range. If your dog is between 2 sizes, we advise you to select the smaller size



Main features :

  • specific design for small and compact dogs
  • does not go up under the throat like traditional short harnesses
  • 2 adjustments (back length + rib cage width) designed to adapt the harness to each individual
  • strap width adapted to the size of the dog: 15mm for sizes XXXS and XXS, 20mm for size XS
  • anti-rust fittings in stainless steel and aluminium
  • reflective stripes on the neck and rib cage
  • light and comfortable padding.


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Pink/Black, Blue-Black, Green-Black, Red-Black