Inlandsis Blizzard Beast V2 Harness


X-back performance harness for racing dogs

Available in 4 colours and 7 sizes for dogs from 18 to 39 Kg

The new version of the Blizzard Beast harness is finally here! It took several years of development and many prototypes to come up with this innovative and unique design.

The Blizzard Beast was developed to maximise stability without hindering freedom of movement.

It is intended for racing dogs like Eurohounds/ESD, GSPs, Greysters, race Huskys and will generally suit fine and athletic dogs.

Key features:

  • Outstanding stability and comfort thanks to the enveloping shape and pre-formed rib cage support: the dog is wedged and can lean firmly in the harness, in the axis but also laterally
  • Neck shape designed for maximum throat and airway clearance
  • Intra-scapula support and neck circumference designed to free the shoulders: maximum freedom of movement
  • Hexaline fabric resists abrasion and offers a neat aesthetic
  • Reassuring: the dog cannot get out of the harness without help. Useful for fearful and/or excited dogs.

Note:┬áthe Blizzard Beast harness is very enveloping and close to the body, which makes it more difficult to remove than a traditional x-back harness. To remove it, we advise you to pull it up as close as possible to the dog’s withers before passing the front legs. After a few trainings both dog and master have generally understood the trick!


Size Neck circumference
(generally seen)
S 37-39 cm 18-21 Kg
M 38-40 cm 21-24 Kg
L 39-41 cm 24-27 Kg
L/XL 40-42 cm 27-30 Kg
XL 41-43 cm 30-33 Kg
XXL 42-44 cm 33-36 Kg
XXXL 43-45 cm 36-40 Kg


To know :

  • A properly sized x-back harness should fit snugly at the neck and extend to the base of the tail when you exert a medium-hard pull on the rope at the back of the harness (it is normal for the harness to float on the dog if you do not exert traction).

Additional information


L/XL, L, M, S


Blue, Green, Red


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