Inlandsis Blizzard Beast Harness

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X-Back Performance Harness specifically designed for hunting dogs (deep-chested dogs with thin neck).

Available in 6 sizes to perfectly adapt the build of dogs weighing 19 to 37kg.

It is suitable for all weight-pulling sports: dog sledding, canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, scootering, etc.



The Inlandsis Blizzard Beast Harness has been specifically designed to adapt the build of hunting dogs. Designed for today’s sled dogs (Eurohound, Braque and Greyster), it is particularly suited to deep-chested dogs with thin necks such as Dobermans, Pointers, Setters, etc.

Light, flexible and ergonomic, the Blizzard Beast Harness is designed for users looking for high performances:

  • 3-piece Splitchest TM double chest strap for optimal positioning on dog’s chest when pulling
  • flared cut to prevent chafing at the back of the armpits
  • designed with soft padding where webbing intersect for maximum comfort
  • made from hi-tech water-repellent materials to withstand all weather conditions, even the most extreme
Size Half Shoulder Blade size Dog weight
(in cm) (standard measurements)
M/L 25-26 23-25kg
L 26-27 25-28kg
L/XL 27-28 28-31kg
XL 29-30 31-34kg
XXL 31-33 34-37 Kg

How to choose the right size:

  • we advise you to base your choice mainly on the dog’s weight. The half shoulder blade size is specified for information only as the harness does not follow the dog’s shoulder along its entire length.
  • Measure the half shoulder blade size, from the sternum (pointed bone in the middle of the chest) to the withers (junction between the neck and the top of the shoulders), on one side only.
  • If your dog is between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one.


  • An X-Back harness should fit snugly on the neck and extend to the base of the tail with a medium pull on the cord at the back of the harness (it’s normal for the harness to be slightly loose on the dog when not pulling).

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Blue, Green-Black, Red



1 review for Inlandsis Blizzard Beast Harness

  1. Mrs H (verified owner)

    So this a highly underrated piece of kit, so I am stoked to put in the first review and show people that just because it is a little bit cheaper, doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome. I have had a hard to fit dog, I have tried everything with her and she rasps from Nonstop freemotions, nansoms, to dragrattan and Zero DC longs and cross backs. Everything makes her rasp. Out of frustration I contacted the lovely guys at Sportypaws, who suggested the Blizzard Beast Harness. I was a little hesitant at first purely because its a non adjustable harness. So the fit does need to be dead on. But wow, just wow. I thought she pulled like an beast anyways, but with this harness she is even stronger, the rasp is gone, and the fit is just lovely. Easy to get on and off, colours are very nice, and it is a super soft, but sturdy harness. I am very impressed. Thank you guys for the stellar service!

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