Inlandsis Max UL Bike Antenna


Featuring a longer mount than the Bikejor Max, the Bikejor Max UL is designed to be attached between the tubes of the bike’s frame.

It’s the model we usually recommend to retailers as it adapts to most frames and bikes.

Easy to install and uninstall. Compatible with all wheel diameters.


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A must-have accessory for safe bikejoring, the Bikejor Max UL Arm prevents the leash from touching the bike’s front wheel when it slackens off It is designed for accurate bike riding without compromising safety.

It comprises of:

  • a mounting bracket that fits all bike frames, without damaging the paintwork (non-abrasive material)
  • an arm in anodized aluminium that follows the movements of the dog and prevents the leash from coming into contact with the front wheel of the bike (it tilts downwards when the dog is running and becomes horizontal again as soon as the dog stops).

Easy to install and uninstall (2 nuts to screw and unscrew), it is compatible with most bicycle and scooter models.

Choice of version / size:

The Bikejoring Bikejor Max is available in 2 versions:

  • 26 inches: for MTB with 26 inch wheels (all MTBs before 2014 included)
  • 27.5/29 inches: for MTBs with 27.5 and 29-inch wheels (recent MTBs after 2015 included).

Fitting Instructions:

  • You must attach the line to the frame of your bike and not to the end of the converter bar, otherwise it may break.
  • the Bikejor Max UL bikejoring arm is designed to be fixed between the frame tubes of the bike (see diagram). It’s not recommended to it fix to the steering spacers.



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26/27.5inch, 29inch


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