Inlandsis Aircross Belt


Hi-tech belt for runners looking for both comfort and performance.

Designed for both runners and skiers, the Inlandsis Aircross Belt stands out by its ability to combine comfort and performance.

Its many settings allow you to find the perfect positioning for optimal force distribution and the leg straps are removable.

S/M = 71-84cm

L/XL = 84-92cm

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Adjustment tips:

  • The Aircross harness should be placed on the lower half of the gluteus maximus to lower the centre of gravity and the traction point.
  • It will take several outings for you to find the ideal adjustment. Take this time to optimise comfort and performance, it’s well worth it! Once fitted, you won’t have to adjust it again; the harness can be removed by using the plastic buckles.
  • We advise you to cut any excess on the leg straps (leaving 15cm) once the correct adjustment is found.

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