Howling Dog Alaska – Second Skin


This harness fits a dog’s body like a glove!

The Second Skin™ Harness is an ultra-light and ultra-modern harness. It is made out of a breathable and quick-drying mesh fabric. This harness is very comfortable for the dog to wear and it is suitable for any activity where the point of attachment is higher or even with the dog’s back. This includes canicrossing, skijoring, bikejoring and scootering.

How to measure for a proper harness fit: Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck from an inch or so above the shoulder blades to an inch or so above the breastbone and back, then compare that measurement to the sizing chart. If the neck size and suggested weight don’t match, go with the bigger harness to ensure the body strap won’t sit too close to the dog’s armpits.


  • XXS 16 inches (20 – 29 lbs.)
  • XS 17 inches (30 – 39 lbs.)
  • •S 18 inches (40 – 49 lbs.)
  • •M 19 inches (50 – 59 lbs.)
  • •L 20 inches (60 – 69 lbs.)
  • •XL 21 inches (70 – 79 lbs.)
  • •XXL 22 inches (80 – 89 lbs.)


The length of the Second Skin™ Harness (including the tug loop) is about the same as the length of a regular x-back harness. But unlike an x-back harness, our Second Skin™ Harness will relieve the pressure off the dog’s hips. Unlike other “short” harnesses the pull force here is evenly distributed and comes both from the top and the underside of the harness.

This soft harness is an ideal harness for short haired dogs and for dogs suffering from rubs from other harnesses.

The Second Skin Harness was not designed to withstand the abuse of  “crazy” sled dog teams.

For proper harness fit measure the dog’s neck circumference halfway between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. Not sure about size? Go by the weight of your dog.

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