Howling Dog Alaska Hound Harness


Measurement “A”: The circumference of the dog’s neck from an inch or so above the shoulder blades to an inch or so above the breastbone and back


Measurement “B”: From in between the shoulders to the end of the body




S: A 17 inches, B 20 inches (30 – 40 lbs.)


M: A 18 inches, B 22 inches (41 – 50 lbs.)


L: A 20 inches, B 23 inches (51 – 60 lbs.)


XL: A 21 inches, B 24 inches (61 – 70 lbs.)


XXL: A 22 inches, B 26 inches (71 – 80 lbs.)



HDA have designed the Hound Harness for difficult to fit, wide and deep-chested sled dogs – especially purebred pointers and pointer crosses, which usually stand out because of their square build and shorter body.

Specially constructed neck opening and breastplate keep the harness centred on the dog’s chest while pulling. No more harness turning and twisting, no more underarm rubbing! Guaranteed! The unique construction of the neck opening minimizes pressure on the dog’s trachea, as the pull force is distributed mostly to the sides of the “collar”. Not suitable for narrow chested dogs such as Alaska and Siberian Huskies.

This harness is made out of 1-inch wide lightweight, extremely durable tubular webbing. Closed-cell padding extends along the harness’s entire length for added comfort. The Hound harness features reflective stickers for increased night time visibility. This is a full-length harness in an x-back style.

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Red, Yellow


L, M, S, XL, XXL