Hooner Stake Out Line


These modular lines can be linked together, to provide you with any combination of attachment points, or separated if space is a premium. Constructed from 4-6mm  PVC coated steel, with Brass trigger clips. Each 40cm* drop is highly visible, spaced 135cm* apart. 

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Drops can be removed for IFFS races where a drop link is required to be carried for any class over 2 dog, Drops can also be replaced when worn saving you from buying a whole new line. 

This line was designed and developed by Hooner after an accident with another brand of stake out line. One their younger dogs wrapped the thinner wired line round her leg and when the rest of the dogs pulled it cut off circulation to her leg causing her to panic further luckily they were able to cut off her collar to free her. With this design the wire is much thicker than other brands, rendering it near impossible for a dog to get the line tightly wrapped around a limb.  They also have a small pack size, making transport very easy. 

* - All lengths are approximate and subject to minor variations

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2 Dog, 3 Dog, 4 Dog, 5 Dog, 6 Dog, 7 Dog, 8 Dog


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