Flying Dog Extra Energy Drink Sachet 100g


Extra Energy Drink – MCT oil, minerals, vitamin is an easy to digest and highly energy drink.

Ideal drink before and during endurance physical exercise. It also supports dogs’ speed capabilities.

Thanks to the ideal combination of MCT oils, vitamins and minerals, this drink is a very important help for racing and working dogs.

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  • Extra energy drink with MCT oil
  • It helps to maintain high performance
  • Ideal for endurance physical load
  • Supports speed capabilities
  • It reduces fatigue and exhaustion during exercise


  • to add energy- 5g of powder (per 10kg of dog weight) is mixed in 100-150ml of water.
  • In higher physical activity or race- 7g of powder (per 10kg of dog weight) is mixed in 100-150ml of water.

At higher activity and higher air temperatures we recommend 2 doses during the day.


Store in a dry place at temperatures below 20 ° C. After opening, store in a dry place and use up to 4 months.


Sucrose, glucose, maltodextrins, magnesium citrate, sodium citrate, calcium lactate, sodium chloride, potassium citrate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, whey protein, citrus pectin, vitamins (see table), potassium chloride, emulsifier: soybean lecithin, manganese sulphate, copper sulfate, potassium iodate.

Substance in 100g
Carbohydrates 72.6g
of which sugars 45.7g
Fats 11.2g
Proteins 5.6g
Sodium 500g
Potassium 200g
Magnesium 100mg
Zinc 2.5mg
Vitamin B1 1mg
Vitamin B2 1.5mg
Niacin 16mg
Vitamin B5 6mg
Vitamin B6 1.5mg
D-Biotin 150μg
Folic acid 150μg
Vitamin B12 4μg
Vitamin C 160mg
Vitamin E 12mg


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