Non-Stop Double Bungee Leash 2.8m


The new and upgraded Bungee Leash Double features a super lightweight aluminium carabiner for fast and easy handling and improved stitching for a maximum lifespan. It is originally designed and engineered for Canicross, Bike/Scooter/Skijöring and Trekking, but it will also shine while walking the dog in the city. This leash is ready for anything! The Bungee Leash is made of an elastic core material with a sturdy outer layer so it will absorb abrupt pulls from your dogs while being sturdy enough to handle rough and sharp terrain. The elastic leash and hand hold also improves the comfort while training and playing for both you and your dog.

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  • Total length unstretched: 1.95m
  • Total length stretched: 2.8m
  • Length of static split leash: 0.85m

The super lightweight aluminium carabiner comes out of the climbing sport industry and allows a effortless and easy hooking to your dogs collar or harness. The carabiner won’t jam even when its very muddy or freezing cold.

The improved stitching technique used for this Bungee leash allows a maximum lifespan.

The core of this leash consists of the highest quality rubber and will not break.

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2.8m (Bikejor/Scooter), 2m (Canicross)


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