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Dogrobe Drying Coat

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Dogrobes’ are simple to use for drying your dog quickly, keeping him warm and comforting him.

They are easy to fit after bath times, wet work or outdoor adventures.

Ideal for protecting your home and car from wet muddy shake off and unpleasant damp dog smells.

FABRIC (80% cotton 20% polyester)

Super-absorbent fabric

Lightweight and quick-drying

Snag-proof and hard-wearing


Easy fit, slips on for fast coverage

Ties for a snug, secure fit time after time

No Velcro to catch dog’s fur

Machine washable at 40ºC

Size Guide: 

Measure around your dog’s girth (the deepest part of their chest, this is usually behind the front legs), then measure from the collar to the base of their tail.

Your dog’s collar to tail measurement will normally be a few inches shorter than the girth measurement.
This is perfect, as the extra inches in length are needed to drape over the hindquarters and dry the back leg

If your dog’s length matches or is great than its girth, opt for the size up to give you the extra inches to hang over the back end.
Dog Robe Size Dog’s Girth Breed Example
Mini 41cm (16″) Yorkshire Terrier
Toy 51cm (20″) Jack Russell
XS 61cm (24″) Cocker Spaniel
S 66cm (26″) Springer Spaniel
M 76cm (30″) Border Collie
L 81cm (32″) Labrador
XL 91cm (36″) German Shepherd
XXL 101cm (40″) Great Dane
XXXL 112cm (44″) Newfoundland

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Why Dogrobes work

Dogrobes’ innovative fabric has longer loops on the inside that quickly draw moisture away from your dog’s coat.

Dogs can remove up to 70% of water when they shake, but the remaining 30% means wet fur which is a poor insulator and can cause your dog’s body temperature to drop.

They trap air and body heat to maintain the dog’s body temperature, speed up drying time and keep your dog’s muscles warm after exercise.

Award-winning Dogrobes gain five-star reviews from customers who love the simple practicality of our dog drying coats.

TOP TIP: When your dog has rolled in something he shouldn’t have, use his Dogrobe to shield surroundings from muck and mask smells. 

What makes Dogrobes different

Years of experience have gone into producing the simplest, easiest and best design to provide maximum coverage quickly.

Dogrobes are easy to put on and take off and they’re non-restrictive so your dog can move around freely. They’re strengthened in key stress areas at the neck and at the ties meaning they’re a match for the most vigorous dogs. They provide a snug, secure fit time after time and the ties are offset and cross over the underbelly to ensure superb coverage. There are no awkward leg straps or leg holes and Dogrobes drape right down over the hindquarters to dry the back legs.

Cotton is a natural, breathable material, and our lightweight fabric is even tolerated by dogs who don’t like wearing coats. The special fibres aid absorption, so there’s no need to rub down. The single layer of fabric means it dries super quickly for re-use.

Dogrobes is a Velcro free zone. Some dogs are spooked by the sound of it, it catches on fur and it snags when laundered.

Personalised and made to suit your dog….and your lifestyle

Range of patterns

Original Dogrobes – our self-coloured range – are our bestsellers, but our Exclusive Dogrobes come in a host of stunning designs, created with the dapper dog in mind.

Like camouflage (pictured) each pattern includes a canine twist printed on peached polyester on the outside and the same long looped fabric on the inside.

Our Exclusive patterned Dogrobes are every bit as durable, hardwearing and easily cared for as the Original Dogrobe customers know and love.



Embroidered name

Your dog’s name can be embroidered on both sides of your Dogrobe for the personal touch.

Names are sewn in white thread on Original Dogrobes and silver/grey thread on Exclusive Dogrobes.

Simply choose our ‘add embroidered name’ option and state the name you’d like featured on your Dogrobe.* (15 characters max)

Safety first – harness access opening

Our resident vet spoke to top motoring and pet insurance organisations to research the ins and outs of transporting dogs safely and concluded that dogs should be safely restrained while travelling.

A handy slit sewn into the top of the Dogrobe means you can access the harness ‘D’ ring to secure your dog in the car.*

*NOTE: Personalisation and harness access opening take a little extra time

Fitting and care guide

Pop the Dogrobe over your dog’s head
Straighten it out over his back
Draw the ties up on each side of his body
Tie loosely in a single loop – on either side of his spine
Different dogs will have different drying times but generally leave the Dogrobe on for around 30 minutes and take it off when it’s damp.
Machine wash at 40ºC
Use little or no fabric conditioner
Tumble dry on low heat

Additional information


L- Labrador, M- Border Collie, MINI- Yorkshire Terrier, S- Springer Spaniel, TOY -Jack Russell, XL- German Shepherd, XS- Cocker Spaniel, XXL- Great Dane, XXXL- Newfoundland


EXCLUSIVE – Camouflage, EXCLUSIVE – Knit, EXCLUSIVE – Paisley, EXCLUSIVE – Rainbow, EXCLUSIVE – Stag, EXCLUSIVE- Tartan, Navy, Pink, Teal, Black, Burgundy, Green, Grey, Purple, Red

2 reviews for Dogrobe Drying Coat

  1. suzysparkle

    These are absolutely brilliant and well worth the money. Ideal for using after walks before the dog jumps in the car and inevitably shakes water all over it. Also great for after bathing. They dry the dog really quickly. Really useful product, well worth buying.

  2. Natasha and Quill (verified owner)

    These are great value for money and perfect for any occasion. We us ours for after walks, swimming and bathing.
    Dry easily and wash well too.

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