Crussis Cobra 4.2 Scooter



Frame- Alu 6061

Fork- CRUSSIS fixed, Alu


Height- 890 – 930 mm

Length- 1707 mm

Tread clearance- 45/65 mm

Tread length- 423 mm

Wheelbase- 1146 mm


Wheel diameter- Front 26 “/ rear 20”

Brakes- TEKTRO V-brake with integrated bell

Rims- CRUSSIS 26 “/ 20”, double-walled, lined

Hub front- CRUSSIS with industrial bearings 100 mm, 24D

Rear hub- CRUSSIS with industrial bearings 65 mm, 24D

Front tire- SCHWALBE Marathon Racer Perf, RaceGuard 26×1,5 (40-559)

Rear tire- SCHWALBE Marathon Racer Perf, RaceGuard 20×1,5 (40-406)


Mass- 7,635 kg

Load capacity- 120 kg


Handlebars- CRUSSIS Al MTB, 620 mm

Stem- CRUSSIS Al, 31.8 / 100 mm

Grips- CRUSSIS, 100% silicone

Head composition- Ahead 1 1/8 ”


Drive ability – road **** / terrain *** / city ***

For body height- 140 – 190 cm


This item is made to order and takes approximately 4-6 weeks.


Absolute novelty CRUSSIS for the year 2021, aluminium scooter weighing 7.635 kg . This is the CRUSSIS COBRA  – the lightest scooter with a wheel ratio of 26 × 20 “ on the market. Scooter as created (not only) for trips of all kinds.

The weight, rigidity of the frame and the manoeuvrability of the scooter are all the features that are really important for this type of scooter. That’s why we focused on them.

We achieved low weight by using a rigid lightweight aluminium frame with a very specific and innovative design. The rear fork forms one unit with the step, thus eliminating typical fatigue fractures in scooters at the places of the usual welding of the rear fork to the step. Thanks to the two longitudinal recesses of the step, the optimal grip is ensured when using the appropriate footwear. The adhesion is not too great, so it does not prevent a comfortable change of legs and at the same time it is not too small for the sole to slide on the step. We tested the grip in all weather conditions and with many types of footwear.

Thanks to the rigid frame, the scooter guarantees excellent energy transfer in the straight-ahead direction, while the wheelbase ( 1146 mm ) ensures excellent riding characteristics of the scooter in corners, while preventing the scooter from bouncing the rear wheel so much hated.

In addition, the rear wheel can be clamped in two positions, which can regulate the ground clearance of the scooter. For riding on a smooth surface, it is ideal to choose a lower ground clearance ( 45 mm ), as you save a standing foot with each bounce. As? Simply because you do a little squat on it. In the terrain, however, 45 mm might not be enough, but 65 mm of clear height, which the scooter reaches when the tread increases, almost anything will pass. So if you are going on cross-country trips, the option of a double rear wheel mount will come in handy.

The 26 “and 20″ wheels (front and rear) are fitted with the tried-and-tested light and fast Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires . The extremely low rolling resistance and excellent grip of these now legendary tires are ensured by a sports compound made of SpeedGrip natural rubber , while protection against defects is guaranteed by a double layer of RaceGuard nylon fabric .

Safety and driving comfort are guaranteed by Tektro clamp brakes with a high braking effect and an integrated bell on the left lever, as well as comfortable silicone grips.

The ideal height of a scooter figure for a CRUSSIS Cobra scooter is 140 – 190 cm.


The new aluminum frame of the Cobra scooter with a specific and innovative design was developed with the utmost emphasis on the functionality of the scooter.

The conical shape of the head tube together with the optimally shaped triangular neck profile increases the strength of the frame.

The uniquely designed step forms one unit with the rear fork; everything is made of one piece of bent profile. It is not only a unique design element, but above all a construction solution that eliminates the typical fatigue fractures of scooters in the places of the usual welding of the rear fork to the step.

By moving the step as close to the rear wheel as possible, we shortened the rear fork and increased the strength of the frame while maintaining a subtle appearance. The result is greater flexibility of the frame, contributing to better filtration of smaller irregularities and elimination of unpleasant bouncing of the rear wheel in corners. This solution also made it possible to maintain a continuous step width of 102 mm along its entire length, including the rear fork, which together with the 65 mm narrow rear hub minimizes scooters’ hatred kicking in the ankles during rebound.

For maximum strength and rigidity of the scooter, we reinforced the joint of the scooter’s neck and the steps with a triangular strut at the rear, which increases the support surface of the neck by a step. This intensifies the tension in the front part of the joint and at the same time protects the most exposed part of the neck profile from damage.

The raised tip of the step ensures optimal passability of the scooter through the terrain; prevents the step from being “stuck” into an obstacle (terrain wave, curb, etc.) and possible fall.

Tread height adjustment

Thanks to the use of two feet on the rear fork, it is possible to choose between a higher and a lower position of the step, and thus choose the optimal size of the scooter according to the terrain you are going to ride. For riding on a smooth surface, it is ideal to choose a lower ground clearance (45 mm), and for off-road driving, a higher ground clearance (65 mm ground clearance). By lowering the ground clearance, riding a scooter is less physically demanding, as the standing leg is less bent when bouncing and you “squat” less when riding. And that’s what it’s all about!


Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires – great trekking tires made of a sporty mixture of SpeedGrip natural rubber , which allows the tire to be inflated up to a pressure of 6 bar. Thanks to the material used and the high pressure, extremely low rolling resistance and excellent grip are ensured. The tires are suitable for road and light terrain, for field or forest roads. In addition, the jacket is protected against defects by a double layer of RaceGuard nylon fabric . The reflective strip, which lights up when illuminated by a reflector around the entire circumference of the tire, contributes to increasing the passive safety of the scooter with lower visibility.



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