Axaeco Kungen Distans (8 foot runners)


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Mid and Long distance sled, very tough and strong. Femundlopet, Finnmarkslopet, Iditarod, Yukon Quest sled.

·          The sled is sold complete with T-Rex aluminium runners, one pair of Fast Trax plastic soles, sled bag, brake and brake mat.

·          Total weight: 17kg.

·          Total length from the brush bow to the tail of the runner: 270cm.

·          Height of the handlebar: 90/95/100/105 cm. – adjustable.

·          Width: 51.5 cm.

·          Length of the runners: 8 feet.

·          Length of the basket: 150cm.

·          Easily foldable with 3 “easy lock screws” per side.

Accessories available separately.

Please allow 14 days for delivery.