10th Anniversary Blue Non-Stop Freemotion harness

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Non Stops all-time bestselling pulling-harness for dogs updated with fresh blue colour for their 10th anniversary. Great for Hiking, Canicross, Bikejor and Skijor.

Utilises the dog’s anatomy to increase performance by:

Keeping the airways free

Correct pulling points

Adjustable to each dog. (If unsure about sizes do not hesitate to contact us)



The Freemotion Harness was the beginning of Non-stop dogwear. That is why we celebrate our 10th anniversary by making this limited edition product. Everything started with Hårek, one of the most talented dogs competing in skijoring. He showed great potential early on, but when harnessed, he showed signs of breathing difficulties. Also, his movement was restricted. No harness seemed to fit Hårek. Therefore, we had to come up with a solution that could release his full potential. The result was the Freemotion Harness, a harness with an ergonomic fit that provides freedom of motion and minimal breath constraint. This versatile pulling-harness is perfect for running, skijoring, and other activities with a pulling center above the dog. Our original harness design is developed, tested, and used by world-leading mushers within bikejoring, skijoring and canicross, but applies to any active family dog. Freemotion comes in a variety of sizes and has good adjustability to fit most breeds. A suitable harness is crucial for the dog’s performance, to avoid injuries, and to make sure the dog enjoys the activity as much as you do. A Freemotion Harness is designed to unleash the dog’s potential. It allows the dog’s shoulders to move freely. The airways stay unrestricted while the pull force distributes around the upper body. The harness is made for activities with a pulling center higher than the dog’s back. It has an adjustable pulling point to utilize power in each stride. The dog’s wellbeing is essential for us when we are carefully designing every harness at Non-stop dogwear. Ergonomic design requires attention to detail. We always construct the inner lining so that all materials overlap without any hard edges. Harnesses are made from durable, tightly woven nylon and have a cell foam base to prevent water soaking in. Every seam has its smooth side towards the dog’s body, all to make sure the harness does not chafe the dog. All our harnesses have integrated 3M reflective materials for the dog’s security. This anatomical design approach with freedom of movement and comfortable breathing is our trade.

3 13.8 in/35 cm 11-13 in/28-33 cm Parson Russel Terrier
4 15.75 in/40 cm 13-14.2 in/33-36 cm English Cocker Spaniel
5 17.3 in/44 cm 14.2-15.75 in/36-40 cm Border Collie
6 18.9 in/48 cm 15.75-17.3 in/40-44 cm Australian Shepherd
7 20.5 in/52 cm 17.3-18.9 in/44-48 cm Magyar Vizsla male
8 22.0 in/56 cm 18.9-20.5 in/48-52 cm German Shorthaired Pointer
9 23.6 in/60 cm 20.5-22.0 in/52-56 cm German Shepherd
10 72 cm 56-64 cm Newfoundland, Grand danois


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Size 2, Size 10, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7, Size 8, Size 9

1 review for 10th Anniversary Blue Non-Stop Freemotion harness

  1. Lynsey

    The Free Motion harness is an absolutely fantastic fit on my petite slender spaniel and she runs beautifully in it. It stays in place and doesn’t affect her breathing even when she’s pulling at her hardest.
    It’s the only off the peg harness I’ve found that has sizes small enough for little dogs that need a long harness as they pull well. The limited edition colour looks fab on my black dog 🙂

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