Top tips before starting by…..

 Arrange A Health Check For Your Dog 

It’s super important to make sure your dog is in good health and that they are fully grown to avoid risk of injury. This is typically around 1 year-18month dependant on breed size. You’re vet can confirm this at a health check and ensure they are in tip top shape to get started. 

 Check You’re Run Ready With Our Quiz 

It’s important to look after your own health just as much as your dogs! This quiz will talk you through a few health questions to let you know if you should consult your doctor before heading out on your first run together. 

Download the quiz here - Run Ready Quiz.pdf 

 Get the right running kit for you and your dog 
It’s important to have the correct kit for you and your dog running together to prevent injury.  

Get the right kit for running with your dog by enrolling on my free mini-course HERE

 Plan Your Dogs Mealtimes 

When planning a run, allow a minimum of 2 hours before and after feeding your dog. This allows time for their food to digest, avoids them feeling uncomfortable and/or being sick and helps minimise the risk of bloat. 

  Buy A Running Bag Or Vest 

I’d recommend buying a running bag or vest so you can carry your water on your runs. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there will always be water available on your running route, your regular water stops may dry up or become unsafe to drink. Always take water with you for you and your dog.  

 Get Some Appropriate Running Shoes 

Speak to a running shoe retail specialist about finding the correct running shoe for your needs. Different running shoes have different grip for the type of terrain you will be running on as well as having different features to support your individual running style. 

 Download The What3Words App 

This free app helps you pinpoint your exact location with a corresponding reference in case of an emergency so that you can be found. Emergency services use this app, so it’s a great tool to have ready and downloaded just in case you need it whilst out on your runs. 

Download the app HERE