Our Junior Ambassadors

Keep an eye out for our awesome ambassadors. They will be showcasing and reviewing the products you will find in our web shop (look out for their posts on Facebook and Instagram) . They are all dog mad and all of them compete nationally/internationally so make sure you follow them on their adventures!

Holly Gibson:

In 2011 Holly got her first husky Shadow not knowing a thing about mushing, only through meeting the right people on dog walks did her family get introduced to racing. When Shadow was 5 Holly completed her first run on a scooter with him and she was hooked.

In 2015 she competed in her first race with Shadow and from then on, in 2016 to 2018 she adopted more boys, Titan, Max and Blue, which she then started to compete with. Holly competed with her two rescue boys Titan and Max for 3 years in BSHRA where she won the junior 2 dog championship 3 years in a row, as well as the SHCGB championship.

In 2017 Holly got two more dogs, Twilight and Eclipse (sisters), both racing line huskies. When they came of age to race Holly ran them in her first 4 dog team at BSSF with two of her friends older boys to help the girls learn the ropes, she came 1st on both days in 4 dog junior and also 1st in one dog scooter with her rescue boy Max. Holly then went on to win both championship series for that year and gained the IFSS global award – with a world wide ranking of 2nd place.

In March 2018 Holly entered her first snow world championship in Sveg, where she was fortunate enough to be able to run her friend’s dogs, Chevi and Shelby. As this was her first competition on snow she stayed at Camp Dannevall where she gained experience on the sled both with and without dogs. Holly and her team then competed over three days on a very demanding trail and finished in second place amongst some very experienced junior mushers.

October 2018 (IFSS Dryland European Championship Nybro): – 4 dog junior 5th place (only Nordic team) – 1 dog scooter junior- 3rd place RNB

November 2018 (WSA Dryland World Championship Slovakia): – 1 dog bike junior 2nd place – 2 dog rig junior 1st place (Junior World Champion)

February 2019 (WSA Snow World Championship Germany): – 2 dog sled junior 3rd place

In January 2019 Holly got two more dogs from Holland, Autumn and Winter (brother and sister) which now compete with Twilight and Eclipse in her 4 dog team. Being such a young team they have done so well in their races so far and there will be much more to come from them as they mature and gain more experience. Holly’s aim is to compete with her 4 dog team in the World Championship events over the coming years and achieve the best they can as a team.

Holly’s team: Shadow (8), Max (5), Titan (5), Blue (3), Twilight and Eclipse (2 nearly 3), Autumn and Winter (1 nearly 2) – All Siberian Huskies.

Jacob Burgess:

Jacob is a young lad full of life and passion for racing his dogs. He is 8 years of age and lives in Malvern, near the Malvern Hills, which has influenced his passion for the outdoors and mountain biking. His dad, a keen camper and a dog lover, introduced him to the sport. He started running dogs at the age of 6 with his small husky called Kali on a mountain bike and fell in love with the sport. Jacob then spent a whole summer on his bike at the local downhill trails where he honed his skills and grew more confident which then led to him running Kali’s bigger sister Kia the following autumn.

Aged 7, he was invited to the UK9 woodland to meet and run dogs with like minded children. This is where he was encouraged to enter his first race, a junior canicross race at Sherwood and placed 4th. His first wheeled race was at Pembury in South Wales 2019, where he placed 2nd. This is the moment Jacob started taking things seriously and put all his effort into his training.

The success soon started to follow. Jacob took part in SDAS race in Sherwood in 2019 where he ran his new dog Milo, a purpose bred Eurohound and came 1st! Then a BSSF race in Thetford followed where he ran Milo and placed 1st again. Jacob and Milo have truly bonded over this period and he feels that this is the secret to his success so far, the fact he can put 100% trust in his dog.

In January 2020, he and his dad packed up their camping gear and again attended the BSSF race in Pembury, South Wales and yet again Jacob came 1st!!! This meant a second medal in the season and Jacob started gearing himself up for the last race of the season in Scotland. Sadly this race has been cancelled and although Jacob is absolutely devastated he is already looking forward to the next season.

Jacob’s kennel consists of two huskies Kali and Kia, and his golden boy Milo the Eurohound. Recently Milo and Kali had puppies, two of which Hattie and Seal are now part of Jacob’s kennel and will be racing in his team sometime in the future.