Bikejor & Scooter Beginners Course

Do you already dabble in Bikejor or Scooter? Do you want help and guidance on how to progress and further your skills?

Then our intensive 2 day course will take you to the next level in your journey.

Our two day course includes;

– In-person 2 day course including a mixture of both theory and practical sessions

– History and background of the two sports

– Deep dive into the different harnesses, bungees and bike/scooter attachment styles and their features

– Dog hydration, nutrition and post-run care theory

– Tips and tricks for reading your dogs body language and behaviour while running

– Basic mountain bike & scooter skills

– Introduction to lining out training

– Introduction to command training

– Introduction to overtaking

– Explanation of insurance and permit requirements for both bikejor and scooter

– Common troubleshooting problems

– Handbook

The total cost for this intensive 2 day course is £250

Your Instructors

Hi, we’re Jess & Jambo, 
Head Bikejor/Scooter Instructors at Sporty Paws; experienced instructors and mushers with our variety of dogs (x15+!) 

Between us, we have been running and racing dogs for over 23 years. We have raced both nationally and internationally for Team GB and have a wealth of experience when it comes to training dogs, especially when wheels are involved – you’ll definitely be well looked after with us. We will be sharing our knowledge, experience and tried and tested methods when it comes to dog sports, ensuring you leave the course feeling confident and full of new skills.

Jambo first started mushing with his dogs Cash & Codi in 2008. He quickly discovered the buzz of running with a team of dogs and that’s when China joined in. All of Jambo’s dogs are initially trained on either a bike or a scooter, before they ‘make the team’ and he’s therefore confident that 6 dogs+ aren’t going to drag him in to a hedge! Jess started Canicross in 2014 with her GSD Harry and they soon became addicted to getting out and about together and meeting likeminded people. It was an opportunity to keep fit, maintain a bond and get a good dose of fresh air. During those years, we have had a wide range of dog breeds, from huskies and german shepherds, through to alaskans, eurohounds and greysters. Our training and experiences have naturally changed over this period and we are confident in the tried and tested methods we will be passing on to you.

After discovering canicross with her German Shep, Jess joined her local club (Wessex Canicross) where she soon ended up on the committee, in a number of roles including Chair. Jambo similarly ended up on the committee of the Sled Dog Association of Scotland and later became president for a number of years. In 2018 we then both joined the British Sleddog Sports Federation as ‘President’ and ‘Vice President for Development’ – this is often referred to as the National Governing Body of sled dog sports in the UK. All of these opportunities gave us a chance to work with a huge range of people. We have arranged a crazy number of events, had paperwork coming out of our ears, harvested clients & participants from all around the country and managed to visit some amazing international locations and share and swap stories with dog sport participants around the globe.

Jess has a background (outside of dogs!) which completely focusses on instructing/coaching, including training the UAE Olympic Sailing Team and Jambo will be all about the dogs and the training methodology. We are passionate that our courses focus on the dog – they are the most important part of bikejor and scooter and as the human participants, you deserve to have the best knowledge surrounding them. Jambo’s background of having a team of dogs is unlike most others and with a huge amount of dogs comes a huge number of past experiences and stories, as well as years of bikejor & scooter.

We are utterly delighted to have become Head Bikejor/Scooter Instructors for Sporty Paws in 2021 and we are confident our course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to press in the world of sled dog sports. We are huge believers in ‘grass roots’ participation and strive to see our ‘sport’ grow within the UK. It’s not all about international racing, and we know everyone must start at the beginning one day and we’re here to help progress past that stage! It’s all about getting out of the house and enjoying the time you have with your dogs. We really look forward to meeting you on our courses.

The Venue

Allerton Castle, North Yorkshire, HG5 0SE

Allerton Castle has great direct links being just 5 minutes off the A1. Allerton is situated just a 15 minute drive from the local towns of Boroughbridge and Wetherby and is also within a 30 minute drive of the cities of York, Harrogate and Ripon for accommodation for the course. There is even a campsite just a 2 minute drive from the venue too!​

To find out more about Allerton Castle you can visit their website HERE.


  • Who is the course for?

    You must have some existing Bikejor/Scooter experience and have a willing dog in harness.

    This course is ideal for anyone that already bikejors or scooters, but would like that extra bit of knowledge and guidance to take it further.

  • Will I need to bring my dog on the course?

    Yes, the course is a mixture of both practical and theory so you’ll need to bring your dog to the course.

    Your dog needs to be comfortable running in harness and be happy to settle in your vehicle during the thoery parts of the course. The venue is private and your vehicle will be parked closeby whilst we do the classroom sessions. You’re welcome to check on your dog at any time. The maximum length of route during the course will be a 2K (or less), utilised a number of times.

    If you’re unable to bring a dog, please contact us prior to booking on to the course so we can make alternate arrangements for you.

  • Is there a payment plan available?

    Yes! Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

  • Is overnight accommodation included in the course cost?

    No. You will need to arrange your own overnight accommodation for the duration of your stay.

    Our course is run at the beautiful, private venue of Allerton Castle and grounds in North Yorkshire.

    Allerton Castle has great direct links being just 5 minutes off the A1. Allerton is situated just a 15 minute drive from the local towns of Boroughbridge and Wetherby and is also within a 30 minute drive of the cities of York, Harrogate and Ripon for accommodation for the course. There is even a campsite just a 2 minute drive from the venue too!

  • Does this course include lunch?

    No unfortunately not however we will provide tea, coffee, water and the odd biscuit throughout the day!


  • Will I need to buy kit after the course?

    You do not need to purchase any kit while on the course, or after the course. However, we will have an array of items with us for you to try and you will be able to purchase these at a discounted rate, if something takes your fancy.

  • What age does my dog have to be to attend?

    Dogs must be fully grown to participate in bikejor or scooter due to it being a high impact sport. This is to avoid damage to the dogs bones, joints and growth plates whilst they are still growing. Dogs are typically around the age of 12-18 months when they start, depending on breed size, sometimes even up to 2 years in giant breeds. Check with your vet prior to starting if you are unsure.

  • Do I need to bring anything else with me?

    Yes! You will need to bring all of your usual equipment with you. This will include a well fitted harness for your dog, a suitable bikejor/scooter line, a suitable bikejor/scooter attachment/arm and you will need to bring either your bike or scooter.

  • What if the weather is too warm?

    If the weather looks like it might be too warm, we will adapt the course to ensure the safety of all dogs (our own as well as yours!).

    The course programme is approximately 70% theory and 30% practical. Of the 30% practical, around half of that is actively running your dog (we will be doing harness fitting and demos etc the rest of the time, which can be done in the shade). The route which we take for any practical session is 1km long and we will ensure there is plenty of water available.

    The theory sessions can all be conducted outside. If it is too warm for your dog to be in the car, it is certainly warm enough for us to get a sun tan! If this is the case, we will request you bring a suitable [camping] chair and we can then ensure all vehicle windows, doors etc are open and cars are parked in the shade to keep dogs safe.

Upcoming Dates

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OCTOBER 2022- Date to be confirmed

Allerton Castle
North Yorkshire
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SportyPaws - Dog Sports Equipment & Training
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by David and jasper on SportyPaws - Dog Sports Equipment & Training

We had so much fun on this course. Jess and jambo are so knowledgeable and friendly. I believe that people that haven’t ever tried bikejor could easily go on this course and learn the basics as well.

We have completely changed the way we ride

 by Anna Roberts on SportyPaws - Dog Sports Equipment & Training

I have just completed this course it was brilliant i have learnt so much .
Jess and Jambo are a font of knowledge and work brilliant as a team that teach well their style helped the info lodge in and made it go so fast . Some of the hints and tips have improved my dog already. And i feel i have knowledge to help others cheers

 by Jo Odom on SportyPaws - Dog Sports Equipment & Training

Jess and Jambo clearly have a mountain of experience in Cani-sports which they are able to deliver in and fun and informative way which puts the dogs at the centre of the learning. They were able to adapt to the needs of everyone on the course and offer great tips and guidance for each team. The course was practical and everything we learned we were able to transfer across to our training.

You could spend a year scouring websites and forums and would not get together a fraction of what was on this course. It was a great experience to have them share their passion and nurture ours.

 by Cat Le Chevalier on SportyPaws - Dog Sports Equipment & Training

Great knowledgeable instructors that have a true passion for dogs and the sport.
Would recommend for a good insight into both bikejor and scooter instructing or for personal insight on how to improve.