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At Sporty Paws, our dedicated team of Canicross, Bikejor & Scooter Instructors are passionate about supporting dog and owner teams to reach their goals and enjoy their sport together safely. All of our Certified Instructors have attended our intensive 2 day in-person Instructor course, as well as on-going support and continued development through their enrolment in our Instructor Guild Membership which ensures they are providing you with the correct and most up to date advice and support on how to begin and progress your journey.


  • How old does my dog need to be?

    Dogs must be fully grown to participate in Canicross due to it being a high impact sport. This is to avoid damage to the dogs bones, joints and growth plates whilst they are still growing. Dogs are typically around the age of 1 year to 18 months depending on breed size, sometimes even up to 2 years in giant breeds. Check with your vet prior to starting if you are unsure.

  • What equipment will I need?

    Being in the correct kit allows for safe, comfortable and efficient running for you and your dog. A full Canicross kit consists of a waist belt, bungee line and sport specific harness.

    If you’re a total newbie, you don’t need any kit prior to attending an introduction session with one of our Instructors as they are there to help you choose which kit you need. We also recommend a pair of trail trainers for extra support and grip on the trail.

  • My dog is reactive, can I still take part?

    Yes! Reactive dogs are more than welcome to attended a Canicross class with one of our instructors, we just ask that you make your instructor aware of any behavioural issues prior to the session to ensure they can tailor the session to suit. We have had many success stories from reactive dogs who cope really well during Canicross running due to having a ‘job’ to do whilst running.

  • I'm not a natural runner, can I still take part?

    Absolutely! Many people start their Canicross journey in the hope that running with their dog will give them extra motivation to keep fit. Our Instructors are able to guide you through building up your Canicross running safely together.

  • My dog is really strong, will they pull me over?

    You’ve got more chance of tripping over than being pulled over! The Canicross kit is designed to take the pull through your core which is the strongest part of your body giving you maximum control and comfort. The kit you’ll be wearing also allows you to run hands-free meaning you are not being pulled off-balance like you would with a hand-held lead and will help minimise risk of injury.

  • Can any breed take part in Canicross?

    Yes. Any breed can participate in Canicross. Just like humans, any shape or size can take part!